Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phone Dump

 Baby B is ready for Halloween
(I slid the bar on the straps up before we drove)

 Lunch with Nonny

 Tired Baby B

 Dance Class for EC
 Preschool Pick up
 Dance for A
 Mismatched pajamas and lots of rings
Twins having dinner outside 
Bath time in the sink

I have been blessed to spend the last few days with the grandchildren. I snapped some pics with my cell phone.....some of them are very blurry but I wanted the memories, so I kept them. I got my hair colored this morning and today may have been the first time I have sat down without a child on my lap since last Thursday night. It felt good to sit down. :)


Unknown said...

What a huge blessing to be able to live close enough and have a schedule that allows you to spend so much time with your sweet grandbabies. Love the pictures!

carolinagirl said...

sweet grandbabies! they are so cute!

Wendy's World 82 said...

I love a baby in the sink and I love how you confess that the car seat bar does get moved up. It's like I want my kids to know I know what I am doing. Ha! Beautiful children and I know how a day off feels wonderful along with missing them terribly.

sharon said...

They are all so precious! I know you loved having time with each one!

Lori said...

Oh WOW, can't believe how big the twins are getting!!! It's so great that you're so involved in their lives, they are so blessed. As are YOU!:) I adore the sweet Frenchie smocking!!

Amy Mak said...

Oh my goodness...that bathtub in the sink picture is so adorable. I clicked over here from somewhere and I think it's so great you love being a "nonny." Nice.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh they are just the CUTEST lil grandbabies. You are so blessed.

Teeter said...

so very blessed!