Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's Her Birthday!

Another DIL has a birthday this month!

Yall, I am so blessed in the DIL department! When you can call your DIL a friend(s), you are blessed indeed! She loves people well and is surrounded by friends and family who love her too!

I love J's adventuresome spirit! She is the BEST boy mom but has a beautiful feminine side to her too!

Thank you J for being fun and happy go lucky!
WE are the lucky ones!
Happy Happy Birthday!

(first photo by Pam Bonney)
(last two photos by Jordan Maunder)

Friday, July 03, 2015

One Special BIRTHDAY!

Shoot the fireworks.............It's HER Birthday!!

Our DIL, K, juggles lots....and does a great job at it!
 So proud of her and love her so! 
Her attitude is always so upbeat and positive!
Thankful she is in our family and loves us!

Happy Birthday K!
We love you big!

Nonny and Poppy