Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Almost May

It's almost May people! How is that? April has come and gone and I feel like this month was a blur! It was a full month and I think that makes it go by even faster!

We celebrated our DIL this month with a very small baby shower. She is having baby boy # 3 in about four weeks! Hard to believe the time is almost here! The big brothers don't have a clue what is about to rock their world!

Nonny, JiJi, Mimi

One of the *big boy twins* had a small growth removed from his tongue this month. He was a real trooper and looked adorable in his hospital gown! :) After a few hours at the hospital and a couple of popsicles....all was right in his world!

I went on my yearly trip with my Beach Buddies! I so look forward to this trip every year! The five of us have done this trip together for years and years! We pretty much eat and talk and rest for four days. I dieted up until the day of the trip and got to within 1/2 pound of my goal! Course, I gained 2.5 while I was gone. Amazing how quickly I can put it on!! It takes way longer to get that weight back off! It was worth every bite though and I'll do it again next year!! Thank you friends for good times and great memories!

Hubs drove to the beach that last morning to pick me up. We had an important birthday party to attend!

The twinsx2 had their first birthday party! They are growing up before our eyes and are the sweetest things ever! Brother has been walking for a few months but sister just won't let go yet...she'd rather be held!!

What a gorgeous, fun day with these special one year old twins!!

Easter was squeezed in between all these events with live chicks and ducks who survived all the holding and squeezing that all our little ones dished out! We were reminded once again of HIS faithfulness to us and how very blessed we are. We do indeed serve a risen Savior!

Just one more pic of life one April morning before the kids came:
We are ready for May.
Bring it on!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Twinsx2 Are A YEAR OLD!!!

A year ago today our DIL gave birth to 15 pounds of babies! The twinsx2 (2nd set of twin grands) were born weighing 7 1/2 pounds each!

We did not know the sex of the babies before they were born and were so excited to welcome a baby boy and a baby girl!!!! Hard to believe those precious angels are a year old today!!! It takes a few tries to get them to sit for a picture. They have a very patient mommy!!!

Happy Birthday B and HJ! You fill our lives with so much joy and fun! We can't believe how blessed we are to have you to love. 
Love You BIG!!! 
Love Nonny and Poppy

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Baby S!

I am Nonny to almost nine. But you know what, it NEVER gets old. Never. Every baby that is born is as precious as the first. Truly. I am amazed at God's goodness and the amount of love He gives us for each and every one. Life with nine grands is very different than it was with one or three or five…but it's good. Very good. Our newest grand was born four months ago. Baby S. She is growing and doing great! She is a TINY little peanut and only weighs about 12 pounds, but she is precious in every way! Her mom took this picture of her last week:
  • She copies mouth movements…blowing bubbles, etc.
  • She ADORES her big sisters!
  • She is sitting in a Bumbo and an exersaucer now with good control.
  • She has slept all night for several months!
  • Laughs outloud.
  • Enjoys being spoiled by ALL of us!

We sure do love you Baby S!