Sunday, October 31, 2010

NERDS are Good, Right?

Our church finished up a series today on FAMILY. It was a great series and really spoke to me as a mom and as a nonny. Some of the statistics about families splitting up were pretty staggering but not as much as the ONE THING our pastor said today. It made me mad. Real mad. This is what he said:

"When interviewed, teachers all across the United States said this:


This makes me mad. Real mad. It makes me mad at the moms and dads who dressed their children up like *Lady GaGa* tonight for Halloween. It makes me mad that they let their six year olds watch *Glee*. It infuriates me that they put heels on their nine year old girls and let their twelve year old sons go with them to an R rated movie. What happened to dressing like Raggedy Ann or a Ladybug? What happened to monitoring television and playing playdough? I know it's a different time. I know. I know. 


They still need us. They need us to help them stay little. They need us to support each other in helping show them things that are age appropriate and help them make wise choices. Children NEED to be age appropriate. And they DON'T NEED to be rejected because they are! 

Is that a NERD? 
If so, that's a good thing, right? 
Don't reject any of my LITTLES because they are age appropriate.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cutest Pumpkin 2010!!!

Happy Halloween!

My daughter-in-law, K, is expecting our third grand (her first) in a few weeks! She teaches second grade and wore this to school yesterday! I thinks she looks great....and even the baby got in on the fun! This miracle baby is truly a TREAT and we cannot wait to meet him or her. My bets are on a him.....we shall see!

Weight Watchers Part II

So, last week I joined Weight Watchers.

I wanted to lose 10 pounds.

First weigh-in......

Drum roll please......

-4.2 Pounds!!!!

In ONE week!!!


Now I  think I want to lose 15!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday To The One Who Made Me Nonny

This special girl is three today!

You know three...the thumb holds down the pinky........

WHY? is the favorite word...............

SILLY is the name of the game.....

And Precious is still what we call you

 Happy Happy #3 Sweet Girl!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The LITTLES Have A Party!

Our grandgirls have fall birthdays. *EC* will be three Oct 27. *A* will be one on November 25. We celebrated them this weekend with a party at a farm. They rode a pony, went on a hay ride, fed the animals and ate lots of cake and ice cream. We all had such a great time celebrating those two precious girls!

 Posing for Nonny!

*A* LOVED the pony....really, ALL the animals!

*EC* was a little unsure at first, but then she LOVED it too!

 Their mommy made the precious party hats and shirts 
made the adorable lady bug and bumblebee cookies. 

This was one happy baby girl!

(Whoops...Nonny mashed the corners but it was still cute!)

We had such a great time celebrating those two precious girls.

Nonny and Poppy sure do love them!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weight Watchers

There is really no way to make the title of this post all fancy. It is what it is. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  Maybe eight or nine years ago I joined and lost to my goal weight. I have kept it off for the most part until now. After I had a little surgery a couple of years ago, I started to put it back on slowly. So, this morning I decided to bite the bullet and rejoin. So, I'm back to writing down everything I eat and drink. It's a mental thing for me. And it is also an accountability thing. So, I weigh in every Tuesday. 

Hold me accountable friends!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I've been tagged.

 3 Four and Under tagged me with eight questions.

So, here goes!

1.  What is your favorite restaurant? 

*My Hubs Home Cooking*

2.  What is your favorite book? 

Wisdom Hunter

3.  What is one THING that you can't live without? 
(I am assuming this means a material item separate from survival needs.)


4.  What do you love most about blogging? 

Seeing how others live. 

5. Where is the last place that you went on vacation?

Holden Beach, NC
source:holden beach real estate

6.  What are 3 of your favorite blogs?

I'll have to say, my favorites change weekly.....

7.  What is something about you not many people know?

I've never thrown up.


8.  What is your favorite food?

Grilled Cheese on Rye

If you are reading this,and have a blog, I tag YOU!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's What We Prayed For. God Is Good.

Lots going on right now in the lives of our children.....

Which means in OUR lives too!

J and J are redoing a house and moving.

B and K are having a baby and decorating a nursery.

G and A
are planning a birthday party for both grands!

We are LOVING being a part of all of their work.

It's what makes us a family.
Helping. Serving. Loving. Being together.

It's what we prayed for.
God is good.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have a baby sister that is ten years younger than me.

She has three girls.

I love them! Aren't they beautiful?

My nieces felt like my first experience as a Nonny.

They bring our family JOY and I am so proud of them!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Some Things I Love About Fall

Ummmm...All I asked for was a smile. Look what I got!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I LOVE The Memories I Have With My Sisters!

Do you have a sister?

If you do, WHAT A GIFT!
I love the memories I have with my sisters.

We use to take a girls trip with our mom every year
the first weekend in October.

Those were really fun times.
Here we are in the 90's

in Blowing Rock, NC.
Baby sister on the left. 
Older sister in the middle. 
Me on the right.  
(Umm, no, I wasn't preggo...what was I thinking?)

Today is such a memorable day for all of us.

Baby sister has a birthday.
She was born on October 10,1967.

Older sister died on October 10, 2004.

Happy Birthday AB!!
And, we sure do miss you Bic Bic.

Love, Your Sister

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Love Being Nonny and Poppy

I'm not much of a television watcher.
 But I happened to see this commercial one night last week.
 I am not promoting Humana.....
I just happen to LOVE the commercial. 
Watch it. 

I think you'll see what I mean!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Happy Anniversary K and B

Mike and I just celebrated our 35th anniversary
....and it was indeed special!

But when your children celebrate theirs...

It's just as special.

We are so proud when each of them welcome another year in their marriage.

It's # THREE for K and B....

And we are proud of them.
 Happy Anniversary K and B.

We love you.

Love, Mom and Dad

Monday, October 04, 2010

Two Sets of Sisters

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."



Sweet Sisters.

Lifelong Friends.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fun Baby Shower!! A FUN Giveaway Surprise!!

Today was my DIL's first BABY SHOWER!!

Remember how fun those were??!!!
She got lots of great gifts and has so many special friends!

This is K and her mom...they could be sisters!

K is due Dec. 2....Doesn't she look great??!!

K's wonderful friends!

Great cake!

We cannot WAIT for grandbaby #3.....

Will we need PINK or BLUE????????

What is YOUR guess? VOTE at the poll on the right. 

There just might be a PRIZE for one lucky winner!!!!
 (make sure you let me know if you I can enter you for prize!)