Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy 37th Hubs

you are still the one.

after 37 years.

after three kids

and five grandkids :)

after 36 christmases 

and 37 easters.

and after 37 valentine's days 

that you only got right after about 30.


after lots of coffee

and diet cokes.

and after several houses.

some good

and some not so good.

after learning our differences

and accepting them.

after capturing my heart as an 18 year old.

and thanking Jesus He got it right

cause we never could have.

you are still the one.

and i'm so glad.

cause I wouldn't want to spend 37 years with anyone else.

thank you for loving me well.

you are still the one.


Unknown said...

beautiful...Happy Aniversary

A Little Latin said...

Love you both. So proud I can say that my parents are still married to each other. You have made a wonderful life for us all.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Such a sweet post! Congratulations and cheers to 37 more!


carolinagirl said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Love this post!

sharon said...

Happy Anniversary!

Teeter said...

Gear up for 38! ...make it another great year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!

3 Peanuts said...

Happy Anniversary. This is such a sweet post!

Anonymous said...

forgive your mom please....I so let it get passed me. You and your sister have anniversary's very close to each other. I forgot both of them.
But guess what? I love you both and cannot imagine either one of you without each other. A match made in heaven.Mom

mc said...

love where we have been
love where we are going
can't imagine being without you
love love love you nonny