Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Where Are You????

November has been filled to the brim in our house! 

We celebrated 20 years of service with Renee' of our best employees!!!! (Who has also become a dear friend.) 
Renee' is amazing!
 She does her job effortlessly and does it well.
Renee' never complains....can you imagine working with someone like that?
She is always happy and her signature laugh is contagious!
Thank you Renee' for being who you are...
And for showing us what it means to trust God for all things.
You are the best!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful gift.
The food was so good and the blessings were even greater!

We sure did miss THIS little turkey who was with his other grandparents:

AND.... we were blessed to see the twins again....growing and perfect!
Thank you Jesus for blessing us!

Bring on December!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Birthday Time Around Here!

We celebrate THREE birthdays in the next few days!

Our oldest son turns 35 today!

It is our joy and blessing to call him our son.

We learned how to be parents when he was born.

He amazed us with his abilities....still does.

Happy Birthday B.

Our hearts are different because of you....

And we love you.

HIS baby boy, our first grandson, turns TWO Monday!

Baby B is a bundle of energy.

A beautiful boy.

An answer to many many prayers....

One of the loves of our lives.

He loves Elmo and Thomas...his *guys* and wearing rain boots to bed.

Aren't we blessed to have him???!!!

(Told you he was beautiful.) :)

 And lastly, our second granddaughter turns THREE Sunday.


She has seemed older than two for a long time.

A is a funny, funny girl with a mind of her own....

And don't you try to change it. :)

She is a precious, spunky girl who loves ballet, Minnie Mouse and her milk.

She has an amazing sense of humor and keeps us all laughing!

We are blessed to be her Nonny and Poppy.

 Happy Birthday to some of our favorites.

You each have changed our lives.

Love you three!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Have you read this?

The pure GOODNESS from this girl is hard to comprehend.

Read this book. You will be inspired.


Last week I posted on Facebook that I needed clothes for a baby girl in our community. 
The response was overwhelming. 
The GOODNESS of people's hearts was revealed to me.
 Young moms responded with such hearts of giving. 
I was humbled and grateful.


And, just because this picture reminds me of the GOODNESS of God to bless us with this sweet boy..........


Have you been touched by GOODNESS lately?

Friday, November 09, 2012

What's On YOUR Bed Side Table??????

I have a dear dear friend who is one of the most thoughtful people I know.
 She painted a table for me to go beside my bed. 
She transported it from TN to NC.

All because she cares about me.

That in itself is a blessing.


the table is BIG.

(Have always loved my mom's big, bedside table!)

I love the size of the table but I have no idea how to decorate it.


What is on YOUR bedside table????

Sunday, November 04, 2012

What A Week...Or Two

The virus got almost all of us around here. The twins birthday party was rescheduled because of it. Then, guess what? Nonny got it and had to miss their first party. I was so bummed. But I had a temp of 101 and didn't want to share that with anyone else. I can tell by the pictures everyone had a great time and everything looked great! How cute are these smash cakes???!!!

Happy Birthday Boys! I have loved celebrating your first year of life.

I have some adorable grandsons who turned into a Cowboy and Indian AND Elmo for Halloween. No tricks here...only TREATS! 

 We went to Disney with our daughter, son-in-law and grandgirls.
They were in Minnie/Princess Heaven all week.

 Back to reality this week.

I may or may not have put up my Christmas tree today.

Don't hate.