Monday, September 28, 2015

Who Would Have Ever Dreamed?

Every year I love you more.

Every year brings changes and a newer you.

I promise to love the new you every year.

Thank you for making me feel safe.

And secure.

And for loving me in spite.



Happy 40th year.

photo by:jenny conklin

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back To School

Five of the nine had *back to school days* recently!
I love those first day mornings! Their hair is combed and all slicked back. Their clothes are new and ironed. They get up and get ready in time to actually eat breakfast and have their pictures taken. Their lunch boxes are packed with healthy food and their moms feel pretty darn good about the new school year! It's a new beginning...a chance to get it right! 

So thankful we have a chance to get it right every day!

"His mercies are new EVERY morning"
Lamentations 3:23

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

It's His Birthday

My baby boy turns 34 today!

You are a GOOD soul J.

So thankful for you and your heart for Jesus and people.

You do life well and dad and I are blessed to call you son.

Happy Birthday!

Love you BIG.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 2015

I guess it's safe to title this August, since it seems I'm not blogging more than once a month! :( 

We returned this past weekend from our family beach trip. It was a great trip and actually was a little easier this year than last! The nine grands are getting a little older and they all play together SOOO well! They range in age from 14 months to seven years. (funny how that seems OLDER.) Our eight year old niece goes with us too (and my parents) so technically we have 10 playing together! We have a total of 20 on our trip and it's GREAT!

Our DIL has us spoiled by making a video of our trip! Probably nobody enjoys it but us, but I am sharing it in case you want to see our trip.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's Her Birthday!

Another DIL has a birthday this month!

Yall, I am so blessed in the DIL department! When you can call your DIL a friend(s), you are blessed indeed! She loves people well and is surrounded by friends and family who love her too!

I love J's adventuresome spirit! She is the BEST boy mom but has a beautiful feminine side to her too!

Thank you J for being fun and happy go lucky!
WE are the lucky ones!
Happy Happy Birthday!

(first photo by Pam Bonney)
(last two photos by Jordan Maunder)

Friday, July 03, 2015

One Special BIRTHDAY!

Shoot the fireworks.............It's HER Birthday!!

Our DIL, K, juggles lots....and does a great job at it!
 So proud of her and love her so! 
Her attitude is always so upbeat and positive!
Thankful she is in our family and loves us!

Happy Birthday K!
We love you big!

Nonny and Poppy

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cousin Camp #6 2015

It's a Cousin Camp Miracle! All 15 looking at the camera!
 Ages 10 months to nine years! 

This was the sixth year we have had Cousin Camp! Hard to believe we started six years ago with only a handful and now we have 15! The kids all have such a great time and though it is exhausting and hot, camp is such a fun thing to do! We spend all our time outside when we are at home and we also spend a day at our local Children's Museum! We eat lots of junk food and skip naps and play in water and ride golf carts and just enjoy spending time together! Long after Poppy and I are gone, we want them to all remember the importance of family. Some of their best memories will be of their cousins!

Poppy is incredible! He works tirelessly for days to make Cousin Camp happen! There is NO WAY i could do it without him. The kids always enjoy the slow golf cart rides through the neighborhood! It takes three carts to hold all of us!

Again this year the cookies are from Sweet Stuff by Meredith! You can find her on Facebook. She is local to me but she DOES ship and her cookies taste as good as they look!!!

I ordered the shirts from Blanks Boutique! A friend did the appliqu├ęs!

I may invest in a new sign next year! I never dreamed when I scribbled this on an old chalkboard back in 2010 that we would still be doing CC every year!

I won't bore you with the other 100 pictures we took! But, if you have any questions about CC, please leave a comment with your email address and i will try my best to answer your questions!

Until next year……'s a WRAP!