Thursday, September 28, 2017

Happy 42 years!

He cooks our dinner most every night.

He always puts the toilet lid down without being asked.

He makes the bed in the mornings and takes off his shoes when he comes in the house.

And, he turns his tee shirts right side out before he puts them in the laundry basket.

It's the little things. 

I think I'll keep him 
more years!

Happy Anniversary Poppy!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

School Days School Days Good Ol' Golden Rule Days!

All the grands started to school in the last two weeks! We have preschool, public, private and homeschool! I pray wherever they are, their lives make a difference.

Go change the world babies.
You all have changed mine.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Never Say Never

Maybe blogging is old school and a thing of the past. 
But, I am too. 
So, my hopes of sharing here again may be a reality soon. 
Never say never.

We remodeled (to say the least) the home next door and moved in last Thanksgiving (2016). 
I never thought I would move again. 
Never say never.

The grands are growing like crazy.
 It's been three years since we've had a new baby.
 But, number TEN should be arriving from China soon! 
Never say never.

Back on the blogging train soon.
Anyone still reading?
Never. Say. Never.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Twins. China Baby. Chimpanzees.

So, I was a dreamer growing up. Not so much now. I had deep desires and occasionally would question God about His answers.....or lack thereof. 

One of my deepest desires was to have twins. Multiple births have always fascinated me. When I was pregnant with my daughter, one of my dear, dear friends (hello Lesa Elder) was pregnant too....with twins! I was so happy for her! But, deep down the longing was still there. My daughter was born and she was all I ever wanted in a baby girl! I never had twins. God had a bigger and better plan. Far greater than I could have ever dared to dream! Fast forward many years to these two sets of twin grands:

I also dreamed of adopting from China. I had all three of my children by age 24. (I know, right?!) After about ten years, when I was only 34, I really longed for that baby in China. For many reasons, God shut that door! But now it's wide open because Grand #10 is over there somewhere just waiting for them to come get her/him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Now, let's pray my childhood desire for a dressed-up Chimpanzee never becomes a reality!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

41 Down. Forever To Go.

He is not perfect.
But, he's perfect for me.

Happy 41st!!
Thank you for loving me.
I'd do it all again.

photos by: jenny

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So, I have a dear friend, Pam, who is also an AMAZING photographer. However, investing in people is what she does best! Pam loves on and cares for people well. I so admire her! Recently Pam offered to come spend a day/afternoon with my family. She wanted to capture our normal day of getting together. We didn't dress up or act different. We are who we are. We Also celebrate Poppy's birthday on the afternoon she spent with us. I want to share/overload you with some of the pictures from that day.

I am THRILLED to have a *day in the life of our family* in print and will treasure these pics always!

Thank you dear Pam. We are a normal family, in a fallen world, trying to love and make an impact. Thank you for reminding us, in pictures, of the blessing of family. We are eternally grateful.  

Nonny and Poppy

(You can find Pam @

Monday, April 11, 2016

TWINSX2 Turn T H R E E Today!

The TWINSX2 (second set of twin grands) turn



If you have any questions about dreams coming true,
Take a look at this boy..........

.......and this girl!

TWICE BLESSED with these two!

Three things I love about HJ:

  1. She is one SPUNKY little girl!
  2. She takes care of her *Sally* like nobody's business!
  3. She likes to eat salad with me.

Three things I love about B:

  1. He drives a *Power Wheels* like he's 16!
  2. He is the most loving little boy ever!
  3. He loves my *Nonny Gum.*

Happy Birthday to you two!
I hope you know one day how much we adore you!
Nonny loves you B I G !