Wednesday, October 01, 2014

31 Days

So, it's October. I wanted to jump on the band wagon and choose a theme and post every day. But, I can't think of a theme. Decorating or grandchildren or books read or ????????     Have any ideas for me?

And, just because I can't post without a picture…..

How is it that our youngest grand is this big??? And this cute!!

Now, help a girl out. What should my 31 day blog theme be?????

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Been 39 Years??????

One of the things I am most proud of in life is my marriage. Hubs and I committed to each other for life when we said *I do*….and today we celebrate 39 years together. We have raised three children….and now we have six! We have been blessed to be a part of the lives of nine grandchildren, who bring us more joy than we ever imagined. Life is not perfect for us, but God has been so good and so faithful. 

Today as hubs sets out to ride from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina I will spend my week being thankful that his life includes mine.

Happy 39 years to the one my heart loves.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites!!

Just some old school blogging here with Friday Favorites!!

I LOVE this mascara! It's just Maybelline from Walgreen Drug Store but it is my all time favorite!! It doesn't flake off at all and stays on great! 

This. Is. So. Good. Course, I love anything pumpkin! (I stir a few pecans in!)

Speaking of pumpkin....I have these at my bathroom sinks. 
Just a little touch of fall!

This sweet little pumpkin (# 6)  had a bad fall on cement! He's doing great now and is one tough cookie! His mom on the other hand...........

What are some of YOUR favorite things????

Thursday, August 14, 2014

One Last Beach Post

There were 20 of us at the beach this year. I so wanted a picture of all of us. My DIL was gracious enough to tackle the task! (it's quite the undertaking.)

Here we are with my parents and my niece:

Our kids and grands:

Our nine, sweet grands:

Poppy and I are truly blessed!

photos by jenny 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


We spent last week at Holden Beach, NC. There were 20 of us in one house. 10 of them were under seven. It was hard and glorious. Seven of the ten got a virus with temps. and sore throats. It rained for the first four days. The smoke alarm went off one night at 3 a.m. and a run to the grocery store for a nine volt battery reminded me that a poppy's job isn't easy either. We rented a house on the beach with a clean pool and nasty bathrooms. So, we spent a lot of time in the pool and took showers in the outside shower. But it was STILL a great week!!!! It's a tradition that we go to Sunset Slush every single night of our trip. The kids look forward to it all day. They talked all week about the last night and how they could get as many scoops as they wanted and what kinds they would be. (Rainbow SA (USA) seemed to be the favorite)….all the kids loved it! YUCK. We played games at night and talked lots about Uncle J's dream of opening a business. We laughed until we hurt about eating two containers of cookies that nobody in our family made. Seriously. They must have been left in the beach house by the previous renters. We each thought the other family had made them. They were all gone but a few when we couldn't find who to thank for making them. It made for lots of beach laughter that we will never forget!! I won't lie to you…it's not a piece of cake with that many little ones in the same house…whew!! It's not for the weak at heart! But man there is some love between those cousins! They play so well together!! They all get along remarkably well and the issues usually don't lie in them arguing with each other but just in the sheer numbers of them. Believe it or not, we all braved going out to dinner one night. We left the house at 4:30 and ate at 5:00. It worked, though Provisions Seafood may never be the same!! :) Nonny and Poppy took the five big kids to the park and Walmart for a *Beach Treat* and we had as much fun as they did! It helps mommy and daddy to get them out of the house a little while dinner is being cooked. Each of the families take a night to make a meal….That way, nobody has to do all the work!!!  We ended the week with a prayer for safe travels home. Now we are all tucked in our homes and are thankful for the memories we made. Until next year sweet family……..Nonny and Poppy dearly love you.
(So thankful for the video made by Jenny)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Couple of Princesses

The oldest two grands are girls. They are four and six. For the last few years they have enjoyed dress up as part of their every day play.  They have collected a few costumes and wear them a lot. I saw a photo about a year ago that a friend had taken of her daughter that I fell in love with!! (Thanks Shanda!) I so wanted to recreate it for these girly girls! I was reminded of how quickly these sweet days pass. I just used my little point and shoot camera so the pictures aren't professional by any means. But they capture a big part of their childhood and for that, I am grateful! 

One day this will be a distant memory. Glad we have these so we don't forget.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014!!

Just finished up with Cousin Camp 2014! We all agree it was one of our best ones yet!! There were 14 cousins....The oldest one was EIGHT! (Sure did miss our teen cousins who are working at a summer camp!!) This will be picture overload that may not interest anyone except my family. But I like to document it here every year. (Past years are on my sidebar under cousin camp.)

Each year we try to have something *new* for Cousin Camp. This year we had two new things. One was the Extreme Coaster by Step2. The kids loved this and it's for ages three to eight. Our kids as young as 15 months loved it too!!

The other *new* thing for CC was a playhouse/workshop for the boys. Poppy used an existing building we have in our back yard. He put a wall down the middle and turned half of it into the *boy house.* It is a work in progress and is not complete but the boys (and girls) loved playing in it!! Here are a few pictures before landscaping and completion! The door and the windows are real road signs!! How cool is that??!! Poppy and J (son) worked so hard to make this happen! They still have a roof to complete, some stairs and lots of inside work. I will post again when it is complete. (Hopefully soon!)

The kids loved playing in the new house with the real wood! The beginning of a *busy board* is on the wall too! Poppy has a long way to go but doesn't it look great?

Our shirts this year were color coded by families! The niece in the green shirt has two older sisters that we missed so much! They are working at a camp this summer!! And little W, in the yellow shirt, has a sibling on the way in late summer!

There are 14 children here....hard to see the two week old on the top row! Our goal was to take the picture at 8:30 am. We only missed it by a few minutes!

Look at the adorable cookies I had made to look like each child! They are much cuter when the names aren't blurred out! But...............

We had such a great time this year! The children all got along so good! Pretty amazing to have that many children without an argument! May never happen again! :) The moms come to Cousin Camp too. Poppy and I couldn't do it without them. We might be able to in a few years when the children are older but there are too many little ones for that now! Thanks so much to you moms and to my mom for all your help. Thank you for allowing Poppy and I the privilege of loving them and making memories with them.I hope they will grow up knowing how important family is and I know they will grow up knowing *your cousins are some of your very first friends!*

And, I can't close without saying, guess where Poppy and Nonny spent the night during Cousin Camp? We gave away our bedrooms and every ounce of floor space, so, we snuck away at 8:00 pm and returned at 6:30 am.

Until next year sweet cousin friends....always know you are so very us but most importantly by Jesus! And, you ALWAYS have family to come home to!  
Love, Nonny and Poppy Miss Angelove/Uncle Mike