Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Birthday in Heaven Sweet Sister

July 31, 1955- October 10, 2004
 Sorry mom gave you that horrible haircut! :)

Never Forgotten.

Love you Sister

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Question Friday And Some Really CUTE Kids!

1. What is your best secret cleaning tip?

I don't know if this is SECRET, but, I wipe down my bathroom sink and toilet every morning. To me, that is such an easy thing to do to keep things looking clean. After I'm done getting ready I use a Clorox wipe....and BAM!

2. What is your favorite food to snack on during movie night?

Popcorn or Spicy Cheez-Its...with a Diet Coke. 
OR, Salt and Vinegar Kettle-Cooked chips.
Needless to say, I try not to watch too many movies!

3. If it was up to you, what would you have named the royal baby?

That's my dad's middle name....
so, I was sooo hoping that's what it would be.
On a side note, I am enthralled with all things about The Royal Family. I was one of those who watched Princess Diana get married and sadly watched as the tragic news of her accident unfolded. I watched Prince William and Kate get married and have been glued to the news of their son!

4. If you could be any Disney character who would you choose?

Minnie Mouse!

Boy does Mickey love her!

5. What's the most important part of a healthy relationship?
Waking up every morning with this mindset:
*What can I do today to make him happy?*

Have a great weekend!
How would YOU answer Five Question Friday?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday JiJi

Today is her day!

Happy Birthday DIL!

Today we celebrate YOU.

We thank Jesus for the GIFT of you to us.

Thank you for loving us.

For always finding time for us.

And for pouring yourself into others.

May this day be the happiest of days.

We sure do love you JiJi!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Question Friday!

1. What is one thing you have too many of in your house?

Sample bottles of lotion, shampoo and soap.
Seriously, it's ridiculous!
I save them for guests and the guests don't use them.
I should donate them.

2. Did anything go not quite as planned on your wedding day?

Not really.
We got married at home in my living room.
Not too much to go wrong there.

3. What is your favorite summer smoothie recipe?

Bananas, strawberries and yogurt!

4. What is the weather like where you are?

We have had so much rain in NC!
Now the humidity is unreal...but I'll take it!

5. What is your favorite book to read to your kids?

I love books that rhyme!
My favorites are The Llama Llama books!
Hubs loves Dr. Seuss

How about You?
Tell me YOUR answers....especially the answers to #1!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


~ Currently enjoying the sunshine after having more days and weeks of rain        than I have ever seen.

~ Currently looking forward to our family beach trip. Praying for sunshine.

~ Currently redoing one of my bathrooms in gray and white. Trying to decide if    I am going to add any color to it. I think I like the look the way it is.I think.

~ Currently thinking about my Christmas Card picture. I know it's only July but    you have to plan ahead when you have so many to photograph.

~ Currently trying to eat healthy. This is usually a lifestyle for me. HOWEVER,    for the last few months my eating habits have been out of control. I went to    the doctor this week for a check up and had gained eight pounds 
   since January. Yikes!

~ Currently letting my hair grow some. It's a hard process and I feel like it        never looks good. I'll probably end up getting it all cut off again.

~ Currently STILL enjoying Diet Coke. 

~ Currently STILL stressing over drinking Diet Coke.

~ Currently trying to spend as much time with the grands as I can before our      busy season at work. 

~ Currently praying for a friend who has undergone some hardships that are
   turning out to be blessings. Praise Him!

~ Currently....what are you up to?????????

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Key Lime Pie with Gingersnap/Coconut Crust!

I have a new Key Lime Pie recipe.

And I am in love!

My family loves Key Lime Pie.

I have always LIKED it

But LOVE was never my description.


My good friend, Teresa, shared her recipe with me.

I will share it here.

Try it!!!

Key Lime Pie

2 cans Eagle Brand milk
1/2 cup sour cream
2/3 cup key lime juice 
(I use Nellie and Joe's)

Mix and pour into crust.

Coconut Crust:

1/2 cup coconut
1/2 cup gingersnap crumbs
1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs
1/4 cup butter melted

Combine all ingredients for crust and firmly press over bottom 
and 1/2 to 3/4 up sides of pie plate.
Pour liquid ingr├ędients into crust.
Bake for 5 to 10 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Serve with whipped cream or plain.
Garnish, if you'd like, with lime zest.


Monday, July 08, 2013

Scary Night

This is where we were one week ago today.

Most of you know hubs is a cyclist.

He cycles most days/evenings.

It's what he loves.

It's what his heart beats for.

(Along with Jesus, me, the kids and grands of course.)

I got a phone call from a fellow rider letting me know hubs had had an accident.

He rides with an incredible group of people who stood by him when he needed them. They are to be commended. He is blessed to have them.

He was unconscious for about 10 minutes and had a severe concussion.....

........along with some other scrapes and bruising that will all heal.

Hubs was fortunate.

He has to stay off his bike for six weeks to avoid hitting his head again.

It's going to be a long six weeks.........

On a side note,

NEVER underestimate the power of a helmet.

This helmet may have saved him from serious brain injury.

Be careful Poppy.

You are loved.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Best Is Yet To Come

 A woman was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given three months to live. She asked her Pastor to come to her home to discuss her final wishes. She told him which songs she wanted sung at her funeral, and what scriptures she wanted read, and which outfit she wanted to be buried in. Then she said, “One more thing… I want to be buried with a fork in my hand.” The pastor was surprised. The woman explained, “In all my years of attending church socials and potluck dinners, I always remember that when the dishes of the main course were being cleared, someone would inevitably say to everyone, ‘Keep your fork.’ It was my favorite time of the dinner, because I knew something better was coming, like velvety chocolate cake or deep dish apple pie – something wonderful. So, I want people to see me there in that casket with a fork in my hand and wonder, ‘ What’s with the fork?’ Then, I want you to tell them, ‘ Keep your fork, because the best is yet to come.’ “ The pastor’s eyes welled up with tears of joy as he bid the woman goodbye. He realized she had a better grasp of heaven than he did, and knew something better was coming. At the funeral, when people asked him why she was holding a fork, the pastor told them of the conversation he had with the woman before she died. He said he could not stop thinking about the fork, and knew they probably would not be able to stop thinking about it either. He was right. “Keep your fork. The best is yet to come.” - Attributed to Roger William Thomas

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy Birthday Super Mom!

My DIL does this mommy thing REALLY WELL!

Today, on her birthday, I know there is 
she could wish for that would top the dream she had of having this family.

So, my wish for her is that she enjoys her day with them.....

and that MAYBE she gets a little rest.

Happy Birthday SUPERMOM!

We love who you are!!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Grandbaby # 8 is................

......a GIRL!

These girls will be big sisters to a baby girl due the end of November.

We are tickled pink!