Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's Teaching YOUR Children

In November my oldest son and his wife had their first baby.

Baby B

Next week his mommy goes back to teaching.

I made her a paper chain to count the days until summer.

If you think about Baby B's mom and dad...say a prayer for them.

She is teaching YOUR children.

I am thankful for mommies like her.

So is Baby B.

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Raining It's Snowing And Look Who's Four Months Old!

It's a rainy, snowy, cold day here in North Carolina.

After an 85 degree day a week ago, that's a tough one.

But, two people within an hour this morning had a different outlook on this weather.

At the Y this morning I saw a UPS man that works out every morning.

I said "It's not a good week for a UPS man."

He said "Why?"

I replied "It's suppose to rain every day but one this week."

You know what he said?

"Well, we'll just dance in the rain."

Then, an older man came into the office to pay his bill.

I asked him how he liked this snow and cold.

He said "We don't mess with God's work."

You know what?

They are both right.

And they are good examples to me.

We don't mess with God's work.

But Jesus, will you bring on the sunshine?

Thank you.

Amen. :)

Oh, and look who's four months old today!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Do you use a Keurig?

I got one about a month ago...

I love it!

I've tried lots of the K-Cups but I wonder...

Which K-Cup is YOUR favorite???

Thursday, March 24, 2011



Spring is here.
It took a whole year to get here.

Daggum it!

This week has been so warm and wonderful in North Carolina.

Here are some things I love about spring:
~flip flops
~blooming tulips and buttercups
~green...everything is SO green
~bunnies and pastels
~green grass
~longer days
~spending time outdoors
~sunshine pouring through clean windows

How about you? What do YOU love about spring?

 Oh, and of course, these adorable grand girls in their spring clothes!

Monday, March 21, 2011

the son in law

it's his birthday.

happy birthday big al.

we are proud.

and thankful.

for you.

you have blessed us in many ways.

on this special day

may YOU be the one blessed.

we love you always.

favorite mil and favorite fil

Friday, March 18, 2011

Flip Flop Friday

Welcome back flip flops.

I have missed you.

These *Reefs* are my favorites:

I wear some variation of them almost every day when it gets above chilly!:)

Oh, and how cool is THIS:

Look's made of these:

Now that's flip flop heaven right there!

Have a warm weekend.

Can you tell I'm happy the sun is shining?

Welcome back flip flops!!

What are YOUR favorite flips?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Guess who #11 is??!!

It's MY MOM!!!!!!!!

Yeh for you Mom!!

Love you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


a questionnaire i spotted over here.....

no matter what mood i'm in, i can always go for a: brown sugar cinnamon pop tart

:: my favorite go-to outfit would have to be: workout pants and tee shirt

:: a good source of inspiration is: blogging

:: am so glad my parents taught me: to have manners

:: a song i like to dance to is: Brown Eyed Girl

:: i wish everyone knew about: Jesus...not just Jesus, but the GRACE that HE offers

:: the best thing in my makeup bag is: lipstick

:: my dream spring break vacation spot is: Disney with the grands

:: this may be a surprise, but i am passionate about: the written word and grammar

:: a favorite book that changed me for the better: Wisdom Hunter by: Randall Arthur

:: one of my pet peeves is: people who are habitually tardy

:: my favorite daily ritual would have to be: my diet coke...ugh...I know it's bad!

:: i am trying to be better at: not being negative or judgemental

:: the most recent rad thing i found online was: a backyard playhouse made from a camper

:: i can't live without: my family

........and what's a post without a picture?

how about you? what are some of YOUR answers?

Monday, March 14, 2011

ACC Go Duke!!

We take our basketball serious around here!
He doesn't know it yet!

Friday, March 11, 2011

GIVE AWAY! Lance Crackers!!!!!!!!!!

Cracker Creations™ by Snyder’s-Lance, Inc

Have you had these???


They just came out...

And I'm in love!!!

Just leave a comment letting me know if you eat any kind of Lance crackers.....

and what your favorite kind is.

I'll mail you some Lance Crackers. Lots of them.

Easy Peasy!

Good luck.

Drawing will be Tuesday, March 15.

(I was not compensated for this post.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

40 Bags 40 Days

Do you know about Lent?

Growing up, we didn't observe Lent.

I didn't even know what it was.

It seemed like something Catholics did.

No offense to the Catholic faith at all....just didn't know about it.

Lent is the 40 days leading up to Jesus' death.

During those 40 days, it is a time to reflect on the cross.

On what it meant that He died for us.

Can we even BEGIN to grasp that?

Probably not.

But we can TRY to sacrifice something that MIGHT mean too much to us.

That we MIGHT depend on too much.

We can also try to RID ourselves of the clutter in our lives.

The clutter that symbolically reveals things that clutter our minds...and our hearts.

At one point in my life, the bags would have been larger.

The bags are smaller now...

But, the baggage is not.

In an attempt to rid my mind and my home of clutter

I am participating.


(And, to get the most perfect understanding of Lent that I have ever read....


How about YOU? Do you observe Lent?

Monday, March 07, 2011

Baby B Can Read!

Baby B is three months now!
He's just starting to read! :)
We like to think he's on the *fast track!*
Grandsons are wonderful!

Tales Of The Trees

How could I have forgotten Megan when I listed my favorite blogs??

Megan's blogs seems like one that would not interest me.

After all, I could be her mother!

But she is HILARIOUS! Hilarious I tell you!

She SAYS what we all THINK.

And she's having a baby.

And she and Mr. Tree are adorable.

Megan is candid and honest and so dagum cute I can't stand it.

Go take a look and read through some of her posts.

You'll be glad you did.

She will have you laughing at hello.

(posted with permission)

click on MEGAN'S name to see her blog

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Happy 16th Precious Niece

I adore this girl.

She is the oldest niece in the second set of nieces in the family.

When she came along, my children were grown.

So, I felt like she was one of my grands.

I wore her birth picture on my shirt at work.....

......and called her *the perfect niece.*

This precious girl turns 16 today.

I am STILL in love with her!

Happy Birthday *KiKi*


Uncle Mike and Miss Angelove

Saturday, March 05, 2011


This baby boy doesn't have a choice.

Some Of My Favorite Blogs


Click on each of their buttons or links to see if you like them too.
My favorites change often but these are some I LOVE! 
What about you?
What are some of YOUR favorites?