Wednesday, November 01, 2017


We have a granddaughter who is two whole hands full!


Happy Tenth Birthday EC!
You still love to play school, and still want to be a third grade teacher! 
(hello Betsy Maddox)
You have a heart towards other people and always put them first. 
You spend your afternoons swimming, playing piano and teaching your "kids." 
You are the greatest example, as the oldest grandchild, for the others to follow, and I'm so proud of you! 
Love you BIG! 
Love, Nonny

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


These "little old men" have grown!

Gosh boys, can you slow down already? I'm so proud of both of you. I love how you both know more Bible stories than I do and that you both have a heart for Jesus. But there are some differences too  and I always love celebrating what makes each of you unique.

You are extremely sensitive.
Your feelings run deep. You sympathize big and your anger is big!
You are very athletic. (You got that from Nonny. Not.)
You are super competitive with your brother and it's a constant battle. 
(You remind us all the time that Crews is the oldest, but you are the biggest.) 
You make me so proud to be your Nonny.
I love you BIG, TaterBug!

You are the most happy go lucky little boy ever!
Everything is funny to you and your toothless smile lights up a room!
You are scrappy and quick and can hold your own with the big kids around!
You run and jump into my arms every time I see you, and I adore that about you!
You make me proud to be your Nonny.
I love you BIG, Crewsie!

Happy 6th Birthday boys!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Happy 42 years!

He cooks our dinner most every night.

He always puts the toilet lid down without being asked.

He makes the bed in the mornings and takes off his shoes when he comes in the house.

And, he turns his tee shirts right side out before he puts them in the laundry basket.

It's the little things. 

I think I'll keep him 
more years!

Happy Anniversary Poppy!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

School Days School Days Good Ol' Golden Rule Days!

All the grands started to school in the last two weeks! We have preschool, public, private and homeschool! I pray wherever they are, their lives make a difference.

Go change the world babies.
You all have changed mine.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Never Say Never

Maybe blogging is old school and a thing of the past. 
But, I am too. 
So, my hopes of sharing here again may be a reality soon. 
Never say never.

We remodeled (to say the least) the home next door and moved in last Thanksgiving (2016). 
I never thought I would move again. 
Never say never.

The grands are growing like crazy.
 It's been three years since we've had a new baby.
 But, number TEN should be arriving from China soon! 
Never say never.

Back on the blogging train soon.
Anyone still reading?
Never. Say. Never.