Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cousin Camp 2012

Cousin Camp 2012 came and went.

I think it gets better every year.

This post of pictures should sum it up.

ENJOY!...We did!

 (A friend, Melissa, came to help out with the kiddos at the pool! She was a HUGE help!)

We packed a LOT into our two days of Cousin Camp!

I LOVE the memories these cousins are making...and their mommies too!

Honestly, Poppy and I look so forward to this every year. There is NO WAY I could ever do this without him. He works for WEEKS getting ready and every year tries to come up with something new. This year, he borrowed an RV for the kids over two to sleep in (with Nonny) and a golf cart pulling a wagon to ride to the ball field on our street for snow cones.

Thank you Poppy.

Thank you cousins.

Thank you mommies.

We can't wait 'till next year!

I'll leave you with one last picture.

This is how I captured the kiddos when they were saying prayers before bed in the RV.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Four Years!

I'm so thankful she married my son!

Just look what God has done!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well, Let's See.............

Summer is upon us. Hard to believe!

Gardenias are in full bloom here in North Carolina and the fragrance is amazing!!

I've been able to keep them in my kitchen for weeks now and I'll be sad when they are gone!

I kept the twins solo one night....two feedings, a neighborhood walk....pushed them in the swings, got them ready for bed and tucked them in. Whew! I felt like I had run a marathon. That twin parenting is no walk in the park. But, I loved every minute and am so grateful their mom and dad trust me with them!

Baby B and I got to spend time together last week. 
That boy doesn't slow down for much! He is active from sun up until sun down.
 He loves being outside...and so do I. 
So, we play good together!! :)

Memorial weekend Poppy and I built a playset.
NOT for the faint at kidding.
It took us three days of hard work!
I took some pictures along the way:

 The kids have tried it out...and they love it!

Father's Day was fun.

My dad was on a cruise so I wasn't able to be with him. So glad he and my mom got to go though. I talked with them and they were having a blast. I mean Alaska??? What's not to love???

Posted a pic on facebook of hubs and the kids when they were one, two and four.


We had lunch with some of the kids and grands on Sunday.

 The girls stayed overnight. 
They played all day on the new playset....making mud pies in the little house.
We ate our breakfast and our dinner *upstairs* in the playset.

Cousin Camp is next week.
We've had three new babies since last year.
Should be lots of fun!!

2011 Cousin Camp:

It's time to get busy!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Look Who Is Turning 5!!!!

My precious niece, *M Girl*!!!

Love you big 5 year old!!!
Happy Birthday!
Miss Angelove and Uncle Mike

Saturday, June 02, 2012

May 31

Where do I begin?

Let's start with this:

My niece, Joy, had her first baby May 31.
He weighed 9 lbs. 9 oz.
22 inches long.
And, he was a planned C-Section a week early.
Umm, yeh.
Anyway, he is beautiful, isn't he?

This special niece graduated from K4.

She ended a long time era of family graduates from this preschool.

Proud of you sweet girl!

Mom retired after 37 years of being Preschool Director 
at the same school where all our children attended.

She has had lots of graduate hand shakes, but this granddaughter got a graduate kiss!

Thank you mom for making a difference in the lives of children....especially all of ours.

All of this was Thursday, May 31.

A day we will always remember.

We are blessed.