Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nonny Tips/Shaving Cream

I don't know WHY, but the kids LOVE to play with shaving cream!! I think it's because it's something normally banned to mommy and daddy's bathroom! :) It's surprisingly very easy to clean up and leaves the surface you play on clean and smelling great! With the little ones, I just squirt a little on the table....sometimes in the shape of a smile and sometimes their names written out. The older ones can squirt it themselves! Shaving cream is also great outside in the summer. They can squirt themselves, or each other, and you can hose them down afterwards for an easy clean up! I just buy the cheap, foam cream. (Make sure you don't buy menthol. If it gets in their eyes, the menthol burns.)

I usually put plastic aprons on them (These came from Ikea).
Part of the fun for them is helping clean up! They love to wipe up the mess they made with wet paper towels! No worry about the clean's almost like cleaning without knowing it!

Just another NONNY TIP!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Wonderful Opportunity!!

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Kiki (as all the littles call her) is the oldest of the youngest group of nieces...if that makes sense! :) I remember the day she was born twenty years ago....I thought my heart would burst wide open!!!! Well, it's about to burst wide open again...with pride!!! Kiki is about to leave the country to study abroad. It's a dream of hers as her major in college right now is Spanish! Will you join me in praying for that sweet niece of mine? She leaves this weekend and though our family will miss her terribly, we are so excited for this opportunity for her. We love you Kiki and we are praying for God's favor on your sweet life. 

Miss Angelove and Uncle Mike

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nonny Tips/Waist Apron

I often get emails from readers asking me for advice to make things run smoothly when their grandchildren visit. I am quick to remind them I certainly don't have all the answers. But, I am pretty organized and I have found that being organized is the key to things running smoothly when the grands come. So, with that in mind I thought I would do a little series on *Nonny Tips.* They don't always work....nothing does. BUT, I'll share what works for me and you can take it from there!

One thing I know, I don't have enough hands when the little ones are with me. I like to have my cell phone close by, and if you know me, I like my lipstick close by too! ( I know, I know, that should be the least of my worries when I am keeping the babies. But I can't stand the way my lips feel without it!) I also like to have tissues for dirty noses and a pack of baby wipes. Soooo, I had my friend, Connie, make me a *waist apron.* It's like the aprons waitresses wear. It has three deep pockets and will hold my cell phone, my lipstick, tissues, wipes and a few stray rocks or hair bows!! It's a little shorter than a regular apron so it doesn't get in my way or seem bulky. Just a little *Nonny Tip* to help make things a little easier when you need to be hands free!! (I guess an old fanny pouch would do the trick too!!!)

There you have it: My first Nonny Tip!! I hope to add to this often. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share!!

Saturday, January 03, 2015


2015 is upon us! 

I don't usually make a lot of resolutions. But this year I do have some goals. Short term goals are a little easier for me to manage. So, I think I'll take one month at a time. (And add a sprinkle of grandbaby cuteness along the way!)


~I want to read more.
I love to read! I use to enjoy reading a lot. Especially books that were a *series.* I would barely finish one and dive into the next. Along came Blogs and Facebook and Instagram and GRANDCHILDREN :)... and reading got put on the back burner. I miss it. My goal is to read three books in January. 
~I want to reconnect.
Because of things like social media, I have reconnected with people I don't have a day to day relationship with. I want to take the time to meet them for lunch, or send them a small gift, or at the very least, talk to them on the phone. 

~I want to CLEAN OUT MY ATTIC. I have said for YEARS I was going to do this….and I DID do a few things. BUT, it is my goal in January to get it completely clean. Here's to my toughest goal!! CHEERS!

Side note:

All 15 cousins on Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad's house. She buys them all matching pajamas. It's a wild, chaotic, wonderful night. None of them are perfect but they are all loved. THIS is Christmas!

Happy New Year!
Let's do this January!