Saturday, July 10, 2010


Does your HUBS have a hobby?

Mine does.

He golfs and he bikes.

Golfing was his slight obsession 
until he had knee surgery this past March.

Golf has had to take a back seat to biking for a while.
SERIOUS biking.

Like he rode 80 miles this morning.


He hopes to participate in CYCLE ACROSS NC in September.

I'm proud of him.

Does YOUR hubs have a hobby?


Elizabeth said...

80 miles!!!! good grief. that's awesome though! PK like to read, cook{thank goodness} and he's a musician too!


Wow!! I would be doing good if I rode a bike to the end of our street and back!! Actually, to the end of my "short" driveway and back!!! 80 Miles!! Awesome!

My hubby doesn't really have any hobbies, so to he does make sure he goes and walks each day since having open heart surgery 4 years ago....but he hasn't played any golf now in a long time. But he does take care of his garden, though!


April Westerhold said...

My hubby would LOVE to have a hobby. Right now, though, it is helping with the 3 babies. We do get away every once in a while, though, and get on the golf course. It could easily turn into an obsession.

Andy said...

Oh, we try to support my girls' Daddy in gettinig out to do something guy-ish after all the girly stuff that goes on around here. A man can only play My Little Pony and Princess dress up for SO long. We are happy for his outside hobbies, and his tolerance of all the femininity around here.

Basement Bags Girl said...

80 miles! Geeze,I get tired riding 80 miles in the car! Good for him! My guy is a hobby pilot, water skier, electric train collector, romote control plane operator...boys and their toys!

Justabeachkat said...

My hubby golfs, tennis and bike riding. He thought he might need another knee surgery until he took up biking. Seriously. The biking helped strengthen his knee and surgery wasn't needed. We both love our bikes. We would love to do a long bike ride in another country...maybe as soon as we financially recover from the wedding!


elizabeth said...

My word - when you said biking you weren't kidding - 80 miles is very impressive!

Tonja said...

Mine loves fishing and motorcycling, of course.

Saw those funky shoes on you like them?

nomo wino daph said...

Oh honey.....FISHING...although now it's been put on hold w/all on the gulf coast:(

He use to race mountian/street bikes :)

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Hunting and gardening(like growing veggies, not flowers...I wish he liked to grow flowers:))Wow,I would be proud of him too...80 miles!

grammy said...

My hubby is a mechanic
seems like that is his hobby because he never quites working (o:
He does fish some....not a lot lately.
Is the biking suppose to be getting your guys knee back in shape?

Connie said...

Way to go....80 miles is quite a ride. My hubby had knee surgery too and still can't golf yet either. He used to bike seriously but hasn't done that in quite a long time. He loves carpentry and building things. Currently he's how to paint pictures and we are learning to garden.


Renee said...

Yeah, fishing!

-joy said...

yeah, my husband's hobby is biking too! I call it an affair.
He's riding in the MS150 in a few months.

Wells' Mommy said...

my hubs is a triathlete! and until this past weekend i thought of it as fun but this past weekend he did 2 in a row 2 mornings of 4:30am and i feel the need to take pictures at every transition the one he did on Sunday i ran back and forth back and forth just to take pictures of it all. i felt like i had done a 5k of my own (not a runner)(oh but he did a lot more Saturday swim 300 yards bike 13 run 5k Sunday swim 600m mountain bike 20 trail run 8k) but i love my hubs and support everything he does so on august 7th we he does his next one there ill be at 4:30am ready to go!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

My husband loves to shoot pool. We belong to the Elk's Club and he plays on a pool league there. He used to golf, but does not play much anymore. He enjoys playing his guitar too. He is an all-around handyman around the house and can do just about anything with his hands. I know you are proud of your husband. That is amazing!! And great exercise for him. Love & blessings from NC!