Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Favorites

A basket of veggies and homemade pickles 
from my friend, Renee
And my DIL, Jenny.

What a blessing!



A long weekend!

What are YOUR Friday favorites?


...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

Great pictures! Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family...I get all 5 of my *Littles* this weekend!! Happy 4th!

Basement Bags Girl said...

Love those precious little ones and the adorable matching outfits. Oh, how I want a girl to sew for again. Have a safe & happy 4th!
PS...don't feel sorry for Mr. arms are mega sore today!

Renee said...

Aawwwww, that was sweet. Hope they taste good!

dee said...

Great picture of MC! Who took that? My Friday Favorites: riding my bike this morn and it was 62 degrees-heavenly, trip to Costco with hubby, JMH washing my car for me-sweet, and hoping to talk later to other two who are both out of town! Love this "Friday Favorite" idea.

Henley on the Horn said...

YuM! Those veggies look delish. What a sweet treat. And the littles! I just love them! My Friday Favorite is this NC weather we are having. It is divine!

Anonymous said...

My Friday Favs: Hubby cleaning house, Fish Night, looking forward to Costco trip tomorrow, also lunch tomorrow at Qdoba (as usual)! Can anyone tell I love eating out....I know Nonny does't, but her Mom does. Of course her hubs does most of the cooking.
Sweet, sweet picture of our 'littles'...Happy 4th.Love, Mom and Nanny

Whitney said...

Love the picture of all the sweet kids with their matching outfits! So, so precious! Enjoy your holiday! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

One of my Friday favorites, is knowing a leisurely Saturday morning awaits my husband and I, with lots of coffee and time to talk.

Your pictures are always.

Happy July4th to you and your family!