Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

In case you don't know.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.
It's called football.

Now that we have THAT cleared up.
The two teams playing are:

The Indianapolis Colts


The New Orleans Saints

When our boys lived at home, we had a Super Bowl party every year. I made fun food and we usually ordered pizza. The boys ate and we all enjoyed watching the game together.

Tonight will be a little different.
We will watch the game alone....

hubs and I....

And, we will eat this:
.....because we are trying to lose a few pounds.

What about YOU?

What are you doing for Super Bowl Sunday?

Did you even KNOW it was today?




Kelly said...

Geaux Saints
We are having a party!!!
Diet can start back up tomorrow

Leah Belle said...

i do know the super bowl is tonight.
i don't care about either team.
but, we are having friends over after church to watch it(any excuse to get together) and eat some yummy junk food.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Yes, we are watching the Super Bowl. I love football, although I really don't have strong feelings as to who wins this year. I am enjoying the commercials and knitting while I watch the game. Thanks for your email. I sent you one back. Love & blessings from NC!

Megan said...

I love "Commercial Bowl Sunday" :) and decided to celebrate by purchasing a frozen pizza and freshly popped popcorn at Target after work for when I got home. I'm having a blast! HA!

Amy H. said...

WHO DAT?! Is all I have to say about that, hehe.

I baked and we made chicken wings yummo!

Connie said...

Just me and hubby too for most of it until our son came home. We snacked on a vegetable tray (trying to eat better too!) and then had breakfast for dinner. The guys like that and it was good!

Have a good week! Connie

smcvicker said...

yes, i also know that it was super bowl sunday. we celebrated with sausage dip and cream cheese danish, homemade hamburgers, hotdogs, and fries! it was yummy. we fell off the eating good wagon this weekend! back to reality this week though!

Heather said...

ha ha, I laugh that sometimes people don't know it's going on. I was pulling for the Colts, can't believe the Saints won! Good for them, hope you and your hubby enjoyed the night!

Three Fold Cord said...

Saw your cardboard testimony at Kelly's corner and just wanted to say congratulations!! Praise the Lord. I just celebrated my 7th anniversary and my counselor said recently just remember you are on a journey and with the Lord there will always be something changing and moving in your heart and life.

nomo wino daph said...

I went to a big party and mercy WHAT AN AWESOME GAME!!! Who Dat!!! whooooohooooooo

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE WE KNEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes...You probably should not phrase it like that. It is kind of strange.