Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Joining Kelly, over at Kelly's Kornerlisting my 
Simple Pleasures.

  • Diet Coke, in a styrofoam cup, with crushed ice and a straw.
  • Heated seats in my car.
  • A husband who cooks supper.
  • Playing with and holding my grandgirls.
  • Gas logs on a cold night.
  • Sunshine. Lots of sunshine.
  • Family at the beach together.
  • KNOWING the power of prayer.
  • A hot Krispy Kreme doughnut.
There are so many more too!
What are YOUR simple pleasures?


The Clements Crew said...

I love my Dr. Pepper in a styrofoam cup too!

The cup really makes a difference!! :)

Deidre said...

Great list!

-joy said...

1. something sweet to eat at night after the kids have gone to bed.
2. my Sudoku puzzle book
3. being wrapped up in a quilt
4. Reese's peanut butter cups
5. Computer game Bejeweled.

I kind of blogged about simple pleasures in my lasted entry. Things that keep me going through sick times.


Anonymous said...

First cup of morning coffee
Rest Warmer heated mattress cover
Eating out (not fast food)
PHONE CALLs from Family
Saturday Trip with hubby to Costco
Seeing happy children at Preschool
Planning a trip (anywhere!)
Doing Laundry.REALLY!!Love it...
Coming home to a clean house
(hubby does this)

carolinagirl said...

Oh my...did you tap into my brain and write these??? except i'd trade the DC for a diet dew! :)

in need of WARM SUNSHINE and the beach. we were supposed to go down friday for the weekend, but it looks like more bad weather.

maybe you can break out those cute boots again!!!

Becki@Just The Three of Us said...

I love your blog! Such cute granddaughters you have!

Jenny Lynn said...

My top two are:

Watching Regis and Kelly in my bed with coffee and my laptop.

And, dance parties in my car [by myself] on my hour commute.


But I have a TON of simple pleasures - those are just the top two today :)

Tonja said...

Loved your list! Think I may do one on my blog!

His Doorkeeper said...

I agree with everything on your list!

Unknown said...

I was at a blog tonight and something about your blog title in their side link bar caught my attention. I just love Grandmas : ) Or Nonnys in this case! And I LOVE your list of thankful things for the day. How wonderful to remember these simple things : ) So nice to visit and meet you tonight.

Just a little something from Judy said...

It is so much fun to read this list. You truly are an interesting and loving grandma, and it is nice to see what brings you joys and smiles. It is those simple pleasures that make life enjoyable.

April Westerhold said...

After reading this post, I decided to do my own simple pleasures. I hate to say it but it made me realize that I don't appreciate the little things as much as I should. Mine are on my blog:

I got stuck after 4 (how sad is that??).