Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journals For The Babies

I blog because I love to write. I love the written word. I am not a writer, but I love keeping a record of things. When my children were growing up life was at a little slower pace. I was diligent about their baby books and about keeping a journal of their day to day activities. My grown kids...not so much. Their lives are all so busy. Life is a little different now. Everything is texts and digital. Don't get me wrong, I love technology too! BUT, I want my grands to see their lives in pictures and in words..... And in the handwriting of those who love them. My baby sister had me hand-write a recipe at Christmas. She wants to make a book of them for her daughters. I appreciate that....and I'm old school like that too, I guess! One of my most prized possessions is a recipe written on a scrap of paper that my oldest sister left in her recipe box before her death. It is framed in my kitchen.....given lovingly to me by her daughters! All that to say, I bought these journals at Michael's Crafts before Christmas. They have the initial of each grandchild's first name on the front. (I think they were $1.50 each.) It is my desire to write cute/funny/smart/interesting things about them occasionally. Either things their parents tell me, or things I observe myself. One day when they have their own children, I hope they will love looking back on the things they said and did. Just a small way to satisfy my love of writing and my love for them!


Sue said...

Great idea Angela. I started one for the first grand, and then failed miserably. I do copy out my recipes by hand and always make a copy for each daughter and then laminate all of them. That way they have a cookbook handwritten by me.
{Of course I don't like to cook, so there aren't that many recipes:-)}
But I, like you, treasure the handwriting of those that are gone. I hope my kids do too.

Unknown said...

What a sweet and wonderful idea.

debi said...

I have done that with have inspired me to cover them all!! Great stuff :-)


nonnie @ said...

A~ you just amaze me! I love this. You are one of the most dedicated, motivated people I know! The grands will love this, and so will their mommies and daddies!