Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm In A Magazine...............WHAT??????????????

I know I know!!! WHAT????????????? Let's backtrack a little! Last fall my friend, Sibi, from Pearls and Grace, contacted me about a photo shoot that involved grandparents. Long story short, they picked me and poppy! WHAT?????????????????????? Ok, clearly we aren't model material, but we ARE grandparents so this tugged at our/my heart strings! The photo shoot was within 40 minutes of our home, so off we went. We didn't have a CLUE what we were getting into!
(photo by Ryan Ray)

Yall, I knew about Southern Weddings Magazine before the photo shoot....I had drooled over page after page of Volume 5! (This was Vol. VI that I was in). But I had no idea what went on behind the scenes! Lara Casey is the editor of this magazine and she is the kind of person that makes a Nonny feel like a model. She clearly loves what she does and has an amazing group of ladies on her team! (They have now partnered with Southern Living Magazine and will have an insert each month of weddings from their SW Magazine!)

Ok Ok............... here are the pictures. I had so much fun and a friend gave me the idea to buy a copy of the magazine for each of my grandgirls. I will save it for them and give to each of them when they get engaged. They can see how fashions and ideas have changed...or, how they have come full circle!

(These pics were taken with my iphone of the magazine pages. 
Clearly they do not do the photos justice! The amazing photographer was KT Merry!)

So, there you have it. My magazine debut! It was so fun and I learned a lot about how hard these ladies work! (Lara gives our Lord Jesus credit for the blessing of this magazine!) Southern Weddings comes out one time a the fall. It stays on the newstands until March. However, if you can't find it locally, you can order a copy from Southern Weddings website!

Thanks Lara Casey and your team for making this Nonny feel like a model for a day!


Emily @ Southern Weddings said...

Oh my word, thank you SO much for this sweet post! We all were dying over you buying one for each of your granddaughters and saving them until they're engaged! So cute!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How fun!! You look fantastic in the photos but the experience seems like it was equally awesome.


His Doorkeeper said...

Nonny, You are famous! Love the pictures! You look absolutely beautiful! Someday those granddaughters will look at their copy of the magazine and think what a beautiful Grandmother you were! How exciting for all of you!

Mary Ann Hopkins said...

I think the grandsons each need one for their fiances.

Jenny Lynn said...

Ohhhh....I agree Mary Ann!! ;))

Jenny Lynn said...

Oh I agree Mary ann! ;))

Lara said...

Oh my stars, we are so grateful for you! Thank you for your friendship and example! : )

Just a little something from Judy said...

What an honor for you and your family! You look beautiful on the pictures! Grandmas are so pretty these days.