Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

I saw this on another blog.
 After reading it a few times, I realized how true it is.

One of the twins, (C), has been sick this week.
Poor baby.

He was suppose to go to The Children's Museum with us Sunday.
But, he had a fever so his brother,T, and Baby B went with us.
(Blurry, but the best I could do because they won't slow down.)
T seemed lost without his twin.

Baby B really DID have a good time but you can't tell it in this pic!!

The girls have been sick too.
I haven't seen them since Christmas because they've had the flu.
Nonny didn't want it.
I sure do miss those girls though!

I've been trying to clean out and organize.
I'm sure lots of us do that every January.
When I tackle a closet or a drawer I always ask myself why in the WORLD I keep some of the things I keep.
Here's to an uncluttered, organized house in 2013.

What are YOUR thoughts this Tuesday?


momof3 said...

love you miss angelove!!! (that's my thought this tuesday)

Jennifer said...

Awesome quote! I need to remember that one.

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

I had to read it twice...it's SO true and has been added to my Favorites List. Thanks for sharing and I pray your Littles recover soon...I have one that almost went to the hospital last night because of an asthma attack and high fever. Such a rough time of year for them. Sending many prayers heavenward <3

Anonymous said...

Saw your girls today, so happy they are all well now.
My thoughts are......how blessed we are!
I've been doing the same thing, cleaning our drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc. Where does it all come from??????

Amanda Pilkinton said...

I am cleaning like mad. Clutter is so annoying and lately I feel as though I will never get rid of it!! Ahhh! Hope all the sickness leaves soon!