Friday, January 18, 2013

Lance and Cycling

Hubs is a cyclist.

My son-in-law is a cyclist.

So, of course, we have always had an interest in Lance Armstrong.

We have bought his jerseys, and his Livestrong bracelets.

We've watched him in all seven Tour de France races.

We also watched his interview with Oprah last night.

I won't go into how we (I) feel about things

And can really only speak for myself here.


I was struck last night by ONE thing Lance said.

He said

" I will start my answer by saying that this is too late. It's too late for probably most people, and that's my fault." 

It's not too late for


It is NEVER too late.

He will forgive you.

You really don't need US to forgive you....though, somehow I do.



Paula@SweetPea said...

Even if he did use performance enhancing drugs, I still admire a man whose body was ravished by chemo and managed to come back to win. He should have come clean to begin with instead of telling lies over and over.

Justabeachkat said...

Hi there! Remember me? I've been such a bad blogger/blogger friend! I'm hoping to change that now that the holidays are over. Of course, I've been keeping up with you through Facebook, but it's just not the same! I'm gonna be better...I've promised myself. I don't want to be like a lot of others that have left blogging and only Facebook.

Love this post! You are so right! With Jesus...we can always start over.

Big hugs,

carolinagirl said...

Well Said!

Just a little something from Judy said...

This is most powerfully shared and so true. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring my heart this evening. You extend grace to everyone.