Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. Flu mist? Flu shot? Or take your chances?

Flu Shot.

For years I worked in the office of a christian school. We all were required to get the flu shot. Every year after I got it I got sick. I ached all over and felt like I had the flu. I do not have an egg allergy.....apparently the vaccine is grown in an egg shell????...Don't quote me on that. Sooooo, I quit getting the shot when I came to work with hubby!

Anyway, when DIL was pregnant with the twins, we all had to get the flu shot to be able to visit them in the NICU. Two years now I've gotten the shot and I've had no flu like symptoms....or the flu.

Win. Win.

Luck?? :)

2. Do your kids have iPads? What are some good educational apps? Price?

My kids are grown but yep, they have iPads...I do too and like it a lot!

3. What are your favorite boy/girl baby names?

I love names....weird?

Noone really likes the ones I like, but....

Girl: Trillabelle and Patterson

Boy: Hobbs and Oliver.

4. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, which apple do you choose to eat? (red/green, gala, red delicious...)

I like a hard, crisp apple.

My favorite is a North Carolina mountain apple!

Of the grocery store variety I like Granny Smith (green) and Pink Lady(red).

5. What is your favorite place to escape to for peace & quiet, to think? Why?

At home in front of my fireplace. It is warm and comfortable and I feel *safe* there.

How about YOU?
Share your answers with me!


Susan Shull said...

No time to answer the questions right now, but I did find yours very interesting! Lucky you getting another set of twin grandbabies!Newest follower!

Susan Shull said...

No time to answer the questions right now, but I did enjoy reading your answers! I'm a Fuji apple girl, myself, but my favorite apples ever came from in in-laws tree and I think they called it a jonadel. Darn it, those are just a memory because the tree is no more. newest follower!

Jennifer said...

I love apples from the mountains of NC! They are just delicious.

Kimberly said...

I got the flu shot in October. My kids don't have an Ipad but I too. My place for piece and quiet is to lay on my bed in the afternoon and read with my dog! have a good weekend!

Miśka Grabowska Blog said...

Friday, Firiday, Friday!!
Have a nice day!!

Kisha Jaggers said...

New Follower! Found you on My Little Life.. Love your answers! When you have time, stop by my blog at and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

1. I always get a flu shot. After a serious bout with the flu several years ago, I learned my lesson. Have never had any side effects.(I get pnumonia shot too!)
2. I do not have an Ipad. Would love one. Just got Iphone and count on my two teenage grandaughters to help me learn. However, I have learned quite a lot on my own. Sort of proud of myself since I am a great-grandmother!
3. Names.....UMMMM...A hard one...I do like double name for girls...really no faves......
4. I Do Not like apples! Weird I know.
5. Favorite time to escape and be early morning sitting alone and having that first cup of delicious coffee!