Thursday, January 17, 2013


Forecast of three inches of snow this afternoon in our neck of the woods.


In North Carolina when they call for snow


I mean it.




The schools have ALREADY cancelled all after school activities.

Just at the mere MENTION of snow.

I love it.

I love the hype

and the news reports.

And the crazy people who buy milk and bread.

Even if it doesn't happen.

I don't love the cold, but, if it has to be cold

Let It Snow!

I know people who get lots of snow laugh at us.

I get that.

My daughter lived in Pittsburgh, Pa for a while.

They would go everywhere with a foot of snow.



Their roads were cleaned better with a foot of snow 
than ours are with one inch.

We just don't have the equipment here to do that.

So laugh along with us you snow people.

Bring on the flurries!

(propane snowman hubs made out of old propane cylinders
 to sit out front at our business)


Kimberly said...

enjoy your snow!

Lisa Odom said...

I do love the hype too!

I would just be happy if it would get cold enough for the girls to wear all of the sweaters they got for Christmas.

That is a great "snowman"!

carolinagirl said...

YES! It is crazy!

I am sort of excited although I am ready for spring.

We may get 2-3 inches here...we shall see.

I did stop in at CVS for milk...I knew we did not have enough for 3 kids tonight and in the morning plus the potential for making snow cream! :)

LOVE your snowman!

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of jealous of you all further west; we have zero chance of snow here at the ocean.