Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm NOT a movie person.

Weird. I know.

Hubs will watch any movie. On television or the big screen.

I'd rather read a book. Or blog.



I read the book. It was VERY good.

I saw the movie.

Oh. My. Word.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the 60's.

EVERYTHING looked familiar.

I could actually go back and watch the movie with no words.

Just for the visual.

I'm not sure my words will do the movie justice.

It was about COURAGE and LOVE and FRIENDSHIP.

It was about COMPASSION.

And caring for other people.

We should all be like Skeeter.

I would want Skeeter on my side.

Wouldn't you?

photo courtesy of blog.zap2it.com


Becki@Just The Three of Us said...

Going to see this tonight! Can't wait! So happy you loved it!

momof3 said...

just borrowed the book because i wanted to read it before i saw the movie. i love movies so i know i'll love this one. i think g and i are going to see it together :)

Phyllis Lines said...

I love movies and books and loved both the book and the movie of The Help. I couldn't wait for the movie to come out and I have to say, wasn't disappointed. So many times the movie version isn't as good as the book. That wasn't the case for The Help.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Celia Foote. I love how she didn't know any better, she didn't "know" to be ugly.

Her offering Minnie a cold coke and eating lunch with her every day made me smile. :)

Justabeachkat said...

I read the book and can't wait to see the movie.

We are leaving on Thursday morning to go to Bree and Jay's. 6 couples are giving them a couples baby shower on Friday night. On Thursday, Jay and George will be playing golf and Bree and I, along with my Mom, my aunt and my sister are going to see THE HELP. Can't wait! Bree lives in Jackson, actually Madison, and it takes place there. She is actually taking us to see where some of it was filmed. Also, the mother and two sisters of one of Bree's college friends is in the movie so it will be fun looking for them. Bree has a list of the scenes they are in so we will have fun with that too.


Maureen said...

I loved the book, and I went to see the movie tonight. Simply fabulous.

Becki@Just The Three of Us said...

Saw the movie last night and you summed it up perfectly. WOW!


I'm hoping to see it real soon...sounds like it's a great movie!


Barrett said...

Me and the girls LOVED it!! I have never been to a movie that everyone just sat in the theater in silence until all of the credits were over. I also saw so many things in the movie that made me smile.

Carol Ray said...

Angela, I didn't realize how much we have in common. I love to read as well, more than seeing movies. I am lookiing forward to seeing The Help though, LOVED the book. You are right, I would want Skeeter on my side, or YOU for that matter!! Also, loved the 100 things about you list!