Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BEACH 2011 Part II

I took over 300 pictures on our family beach trip.

Mostly of them:

But we ALL had a great time!

Warning: Family pictures ahead!

Oldest son, DIL, Grandson

Youngest son, DIL, twin BOYS

Daughter, SIL, GrandGirls

Mom, Dad, Niece

Nonny, Poppy and The Littles

All 14 of us spent the week together at Holden Beach, NC.

Memories made.

Happy Times.

God is good to us.

We are thankful.

We are blessed.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful family! Blessed you are!

carolinagirl said...

What great photos. Your pregnant DIL is so darn cute. I wish I looked that cute pregnant! :)

All the grands are adorable.

I know you had a ball.

One last trip down to OKI tomorrow through Tuesday, and then school starts. Boo!

I am going to miss our weekend summer trips.

It's always sad when vacations come to an end. I guess that's why they are so treasured - cause they don't last.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful time we all had together..Thanks for the sweet memories..daughter and son-in-law

Barrett said...

How do you store all of those photos? I take so many pictures I cannot keep up with the storage. My computer's hard drive is full and I am always having to delete files just to make room for photos. I have burned them all of discs, but hate to delete them from my computer. I have 25,000 stored on it now. I have got to do something soon!!!.

Your family is so beautiful! Love The Littles!

Connie said...

I agree with Michelle...beautiful family and you are blessed!


Mimi said...

Great pictures! Thanks for visiting My Green Acre and leaving the link to your Cousins Camp. Looked like so much fun! Aren't we blessed to be able to have the babies all to ourselves! Do come back again real soon!

Ashley Shelley - The Christian Wife Life said...

I love Holden Beach! So peaceful. I'm sure y'all had a blast! Love the pics.

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!