Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My *goal* when giving up Diet C*ke was two weeks. I wanted to go cold turkey for two weeks. None. Not a drop. I reached my goal yesterday! Yeh for me! It really was not that hard...not like I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, I WANTED one..or ten. But, because I drink coffee or tea, I didn't have any headaches at all. Now that I have reached my two week goal, I hope to use moderation. I would really like to allow myself to drink one a week. If I find that one a week slowly slips into more than that, I may give it up all together.  Funny, I never even drank a soft drink until four or five years ago...regular or diet. Then they came out with THIS:

........I was hooked. 

The lime..that I LOVE, toned down the artificial sweetener, that I hated. Slowly I dropped the lime, added crushed ice in a styrofoam cup and the rest is history.

I drank a LOT more water during my break!!!

I didn't FEEL any different though!

I guess that's GOOD and BAD.

Good...because I didn't have headaches.

But BAD, because I had read so many others say that they felt so GREAT after giving it up. I didn't notice a change in my energy level at all. Really, NO change. I was hoping for a real tangible reason to stay off the stuff!

So, how about YOU? What have you given up....or what do you NEED to give up?


Amy said...

Well, I have been contemplating giving up my Diet Mountain Dew. I don't drink coffee or tea so I was dreading the "headache w/drawal". However, I wanted to give it up mainly because the artificial sweetner isn't good for you. I know it isn't but somehow it has a "hold" on me. :) I, like you, have read that it makes people feel so much better. I am not much of a moderation gal, so I know if I give it up it would have to be cold turkey like you and don't drink anymore. I have kidded my hubby before it is a good thing I don't drink or gamble because with my addictive behavior towards food and diet mountain dew I would be a sot and loose all our money. :)

Meri Robin said...

you are not going to believe it, but surprise..I too have given up diet coke. (You inspired me!) Didn't notice any energy changes but did notice less hunger. and thanks to "Water Joe" --no headaches.

Jenny Lynn said...

I should probably give up sweet tea all together. And coffee. I used to be a lot better about only drinking water and juice. But slowly I started drinking sweet tea and coffee. And now I LOVE both of them and lots of times I choose them over water. Uggh.

smcvicker said...

well, i don't want to give up anything! although i do need to practice some moderation in a couple of areas! :)

mc said...

good job nonny but i would like for you to give it up. go h20 only
love you poppy

Henley on the Horn said...

GREAT job!!! I need to give up Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi/diet dew, but I haven't. I love them so much! You are an inspiration, though I wish you felt better after not drinking it for 2 weeks!

Tonja said...

Unless you use decaf coffee and tea, that's the reason for no headaches! Actually, there is more caffeine in a glass of tea than in a coke! And Mt. Dew has the most caffeine of all. Lots of times when I or one of the boys has a migraine, we take 2 excedrine(Which is LOADED with caffeine), and drink a cup of hot tea! Usually will knock out one that is not too bad.
HOWEVER, I must say that I admire your determination! I crave Diet Dr. Pepper, nd even though I am trying to cut down, it really is hard! I don't drink coffee, but I LOVE sweet tea with lemon!

Unknown said...

Well congrats on reaching your goal whether or not you feel better. It is impressive that you set your mind to it and achieved it!
Thanks for reading my blog!!

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

About 7 years ago I gave up Coke cold turkey when I passed a kidney stone on a flight as the lead flight attendant! Yes,my stone was caused by the carbonic acid in the cola andother dark sodas. I switched to Sprite/7-Up (yes there's carbonic acid in it). I am now 5 weeks off ALL sodas! It's awesome. I miss it at times, but never where I can't say "no"

I have osteoporosis and really should have done this MANY years ago and wish I had done so...then I wouldn't have such weak bones.

Good luck to you! If you start in "moderation", be careful...it get a hold of you.

BTW, I do feel different by drinking so much water and I PEE differently...TMI, but so true!

nanny said...

I gave up iced tea years ago and it was awful....headaches, oh my. I had a glass of tea in my hand almost all day....Addictions are rough! And I hear diet coke is the absolute hardest one to kick...so good job! You did it!

Justabeachkat said...

Good for you. I definitely need to drink more water.

What to I need/want to give up? carbs


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I admire your determination. Hopefully you will be able to stay off the diet cokes altogether. I have never cared that much for soft drinks and I guess I am lucky in that regard. I do like tea, but I drink decaf. I drink water when I eat out. Hope hubby is recovering nicely. Love & blessings from NC!

Becky Smith said...

That must have felt like such a huge accomplishment to go two weeks without something you love. Wow!

Thanks for blogging about your experience; it's very interesting to read stories like that.