Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

*I was NOT compensated for this review*
Don't you just LOVE IT when you find a new product that you wondered what you did without???

That's how I feel about this:

I'll be honest.

I had seen these 
but didn't know if it was something I would love.

When Dana, from Pouchee, asked me to review one, I agreed.

Boy howdy am I glad I did!

Put your essentials in this....

Drop it in your purse....

And grab it to run in the store, the dry cleaners, the bakery...

Anywhere that you don't need to take your larger purse inside.

It even has a magnetic closer on the top that keeps it closed!

Try it.

They are offering a 10% discount through Mother's Day.

(use code poucheemom)

Let me know what you think!!!

I LOVE mine! 

Just click below:

Pouchee Purse Organizer

(Oh, and go read the owner's testimony. She loves Jesus!)


Elizabeth said...

awesome find! all my stuff always gets lost in my purse.

nanny said...

Looks great....yes, stuff hides in the bottom of my purse!

Megan said...

that looks AMAZING! seriously, it's always the "meat" of the bag that you want and switching it out from bag to bag gets old. well done!

sara@augustfields said...

what a cute little accessory! :) isn't it fun to find new things that are actually helpful? :)

Jenny Lynn said...

that's awesome! so exciting that you got to review something!!!!

Tracey said...

Really like the pink one! What a great go to bag! Thanks for the introduction! Have a wonderful Easter!

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

I've never seen one before. Thanks for sharing!

grammy said...

I have to go check that out.
I love magnetic clousers (o:
Congrats to the winner (o:

Jennifer said...

this could be very helpful for me.. i have lost my keys as i type...

your grandchildren are beautiful!

happy spring,


Just a little something from Judy said...

You are the perfect person to do a review on a product. You are going to have these flying off the shelves. What a great idea! I am never able to find my cell phone in my purse. It has become a family joke. This would be perfect for me. Great post!

Angie said...

Way cute! My mom could most def use one of those!!!