Sunday, November 04, 2012

What A Week...Or Two

The virus got almost all of us around here. The twins birthday party was rescheduled because of it. Then, guess what? Nonny got it and had to miss their first party. I was so bummed. But I had a temp of 101 and didn't want to share that with anyone else. I can tell by the pictures everyone had a great time and everything looked great! How cute are these smash cakes???!!!

Happy Birthday Boys! I have loved celebrating your first year of life.

I have some adorable grandsons who turned into a Cowboy and Indian AND Elmo for Halloween. No tricks here...only TREATS! 

 We went to Disney with our daughter, son-in-law and grandgirls.
They were in Minnie/Princess Heaven all week.

 Back to reality this week.

I may or may not have put up my Christmas tree today.

Don't hate.


nonnie said...

So happy about the news of the twins to come!!! How wonderful is that?
Grands are just such a blessing. Hope you are all well, now. You may have to have your own mini 1st birthday party for them!
Did you really put up your tree? FOR REAL?

Henley on the Horn said...

You are so cute! I am ready to put up our tree, too, but we buy a fresh one each year! Your grandchildren are so adorable. You are abundantly blessed!

Jennifer said...

Disney with Nonny! What lucky grand girls. We are going in February. Those smash cakes are adorable! Glad you are feeling better!

His Doorkeeper said...

So sorry you missed those sweet boys' birthday party! You have the cutest grandkids (well, next to mine, of course! LOL)

Are you a blessed Nonny or what?? ANOTHER set of twins!!! Congratulations! At least you have experience of twins under your belt!!

carolinagirl said...

I am so sorry you all were so sick! That is the worst!

We are at Disney now. This is our last day. It is stimulation overload for sure!

Sue said...

What fun at your house ~ Disney is our favorite and we have a trip scheduled for January. The boys BD cakes were adorable and it is hard to believe they are 1 !
And let's see pictures of that tree ~ I am an early bird too, but just a few things out so far. Most of my gifts are wrapped though!

Teeter said...

Sweet, sweet post!

debi said...

The grands costumes were so adorable!! so sorry you were sick and had to miss the party...hope you are well now.


Anonymous said...

Wow Nonny! Twin Grands, a trip to Disney and a tree! You are a busy little bee! Congrats!!!! So happy for your sweet family:)

Barrett said...

Sorry you had to miss the party!!!

I do not hate or judge because I may put up my tree this weekend too. My husband is having shoulder surgery on Thursday and he will be useless.....I mean... unable to help for over a month. Our tree is so big (artificial of course) I cannot get it out of the attic by myself and he is master at fixing any light problems. I kind of feel like I have to.

merirobin said...

I love aB's facial expressions--they are so adorable.