Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Where Are You????

November has been filled to the brim in our house! 

We celebrated 20 years of service with Renee' of our best employees!!!! (Who has also become a dear friend.) 
Renee' is amazing!
 She does her job effortlessly and does it well.
Renee' never complains....can you imagine working with someone like that?
She is always happy and her signature laugh is contagious!
Thank you Renee' for being who you are...
And for showing us what it means to trust God for all things.
You are the best!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful gift.
The food was so good and the blessings were even greater!

We sure did miss THIS little turkey who was with his other grandparents:

AND.... we were blessed to see the twins again....growing and perfect!
Thank you Jesus for blessing us!

Bring on December!


Jennifer said...

Lots of blessings. I am sure that December will bless you even more.

Lori said...

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!!! (Had to go back and look at TWINS announcement!!!:))

Puppy Dog Tales said...

The second set of twins still gets me! How absolutely fantastic and amazing!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I wonder what happened to November too. I am so happy for you...two sets of twins, what could be better?

Beautiful pictures!

Barrett said...

Those two boys are getting so big! I bet they will catch up with the girls this year.