Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pearl Event Part 1

Do you read Sibi's blog.....

If you don't, you are missing God's grace for your life in a BIG way.

I've been reading Sibi's blog for maybe four years.

For four years I've watched her have babies. I've seen her reach out to single moms, and try to mend relationships in her family. I've read about her heartache and the redemption of her soul. I've seen the pictures of her gorgeous family and learned that her heart beats for newborn babies. I've heard about a husband who is EXACTLY what Sibi needed.

And then.

I saw she was hosting The Pearl Event in Nashville, Tn. 
I hit purchase in my Paypal account. 
I had no idea how it would happen that I would have that weekend free....
and be able to work it out to go. 


God did.

And this past weekend I found myself there.

Along with Edie, Paige, Sibi, Sarah, Jane and Brittany.

And can I just tell you, God did not disappoint.

Like, duh, did I think He would? :)

Edie is funny and tiny and has beautiful *smoky eyes.* 
She is eclectic and fabulous. Smart and committed. 
She is a go-getter and makes some to-die for chocolate chip cookies. 
Edie is very well read....a C.S. Lewis fan!
Her story will challenge you to trust the Lord. 
He proved His faithfulness time and time again to her family.
She has some incredibly talented teens and two adorable little girls who have the gift of their mom home-teaching them.

 Paige and I could be friends. 
She is as down to earth as can be with a graciousness to go with it.
Her four girls mean the world to her and when they are in pictures, you can hardly tell the mom from the daughters. Good grief she looks young! Paige has a love story that could be a book. She must be one incredible woman. She has had two men adore her. Paige is a nurse who is now stretching herself in a new venture to support the oppressed through a new business. She is humorous and looks great...even without  SPANX! :)

Sarah got me. 
Her story made me cry.
It made me thankful.
It made me know I can handle the hard things.
Sarah is Miss America gorgeous, 
but her soul....
It's even more beautiful.
She is so well spoken and points to Jesus in a way that makes me want Him....
....even more than I already do.
There is a crown for Sarah.....actually, there are two of them....
waiting with Jesus for their mommy.

Heartbreak Brokenness.
Loneliness...to the tenth degree.
Then Jesus.
Jane is a *professional pray-er*....:)
I'd sure want her in my corner!
You should have seen her sister.
I had a bird's eye view of her from my seat.
If there was any healing to be done there.....it's already been done.
The love was so evident.
Jane is amazing.
 Love her sister's simple gesture of touch.

The praise and worship was AMAZING!
Brittany Nelson blessed us with her words and her voice.
Her spirit is PRECIOUS, and it's so evident when you stand in the presence of her singing.
Brittany has a new CD.
Buy it.
You'll like it. :)
And, good grief, LOOK at her!!!!

I can't say enough about the blessing of this past weekend.
These ladies were the hands and feet of Jesus.
.....and that's saying a lot.


paige said...

oh nonny, you did put it into words, beautiful words.
what a DELIGHT and a TREAT to meet you. thank you for praying for us all the way through the dream, the vision and then the day.
what a blessing you are!!!
much love my dear friend, much love
& thank you ;)

Sheri said...

awesome article. I can't seem to find the words yet....but I will. It was so nice to meet you. You are a doll. I have some cute pics of you that I will send :) Have a blessed day!

merirobin said...

Well, your post is much more eloquent than mine about the Pearl event and I thought mine was right on the money....LOL.
Thanks so much for getting me blogging again, for knowing about this great event, and for inviting me to go with you. Very special.
Love you!!!

{edie} said...

i can't tell you what a blessing it was to finally meet you dearie! you are a beautiful woman with such a gift of encouragement! finally meeting you and hugging you was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend. thank you for making the sacrifice of time and prayer and money and travel to come. you are a pearl to your Father and to your friends!
love to you,

BLC :o said...

That is AWESOME you were there!!! I am blessed just reading about your experience. And I am so adding this to my bucket list!!! Xoxo-BLC

Amanda Pilkinton said...

I loved meeting you too and I enjoyed hanging out at this wonderful event!!! Hope to see you soon!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

That sounds so fun....I would love to go one year

Jennifer said...

Nonny - just found your blog through paige. wonderful recap of the amazing weekend. i came home and told my husband i wanted a pearl event every weekend! glad you enjoyed nashville...it's the place i call home!

Kelli said...

I read Sibi's blog and I am sure that the event was just amazing!!
Look like you had a wonderful time!

C Grace Design said...

beautiful Nonny!!! thank you much for such encouraging words! it was truly an amazing day, you are one beautiful and amazing woman! much love and blessing to you sweet friend :)

nonnie said...

Your post is beautiful! I have just now read it and I am in tears. It was such a wonderful weekend, and I will never forget it!
That apron was just perfect :)
Keep in touch!

The 5 Bickies said...

I wish I was there and after your post feel sort of like I was. Sounds great and so inspiring. I couldn't make it because my husband was away for business. In Nashville. In the exact hotel same hotel as the Pearl & Grace event. He's lucky I didn't send him in search of you all!!!!!!

The 5 Bickies said...

I wish I was there and after your post feel sort of like I was. Sounds great and so inspiring. I couldn't make it because my husband was away for business. In Nashville. In the exact hotel same hotel as the Pearl & Grace event. He's lucky I didn't send him in search of you all!!!!!!

Charity said...

So sweet! Glad I got to meet you at the meet and greet just wish we could have had more time.

Cha Cha

Sibi said...


I wanted to thank you again for purchasing a ticket BY FAITH!! You are my kind of girl!!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to meet you live and in living color! You are every bit of grace and love and goodness that I expected you would be!

Thank you for the MANY beautiful words written here in this post! I loved reading about your experiences and hope that you will join us next spring again!!

Thank you again for the beautiful apron- I cherish it so much- you have no idea!!!

Love you,