Friday, March 02, 2012

February Goals....CHECK!

How did I do with my February goals?


Here goes.....

~All January pictures uploaded to Shutterfly (and Feb done too!!)...CHECK!

~Fresh fruit everyday. CHECK!

~Clean out coat closet. NOPE.

~Stay downstairs at least once a week until 9:00. CHECK! (but totally by accident.) :(

~Make/bake something to take to two people. Half person only! BOO.

~Visit at least one place in OUR STATE Magazine. NOPE.


I have an excuse for every single one of these......but who wants to hear those?!


Lame as it sounds, my March goals are to complete my February goals 



It will take me all month to get up the nerve to do this one.


Did any of you set goals? 
Did you meet your goals?
 Let me know!
 Let's encourage one another!

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."
1 Thessalonians 5:11


Kim | At Home With Kim said...

What a great idea to write out goals and then come back to check on yourself! I think I'll have to steal that idea. :-)

nonnie said...

I just found your comment on MY blog from Feb. 12, and so sorry to be so long in responding!! :(
I am just letting the blog go.....and I don't want to but I am not putting it first on my list of the "goals".
I love this goal writing, and need to master it. Sometimes it overwhelms me! But, I have to say I have accomplished quite a bit since the first of the year-painting some small pieces of furniture and cleaning and organizing. Still have a ways to go!
Can't wait till Friday. My two darling daughters are attending the Pearl Event with me. I do hope we can meet! We plan to go to the Friday night thing at the hotel.
Forgive my neglect!!
oh, those babies are precious. :) There's nothing like it, is there? (being a nonny, nonnie......)

Tonja said...

You did very well, I think! But, the swimsuit thing...I'm probably not going to do that for a long...long time! Good luch with that! You will model it for us all, won't you?