Monday, January 30, 2012

Thomas Table and Cra*g's List

Baby B wanted a Thomas Table. Nonny and Poppy decided to go on Cra*g's list to find a used one in good condition. So, we contacted several people on Cra*g's list by email. We waited. And we waited. We never heard back.....from ANY of them. So, I emailed again. I finally heard back from one of them. She gave me her phone number. I called her and left a message. I waited. And waited. She finally called back and we bought her Thomas Table and accessories. But, good grief, people post things and don't answer. What's up with that? Maybe they sold the item and didn't delete it off Cra*g's list. Who knows? But, don't you think they might shoot a quick email and say this is sold? was a tiring experience. But, we got one and Baby B is on top of the world!
He loves it!

Can you tell he likes it?

How about you? Have you had any Cra*g's List experiences?


M/C said...

Although we've had some of the same problems you experienced with Craig's List (including a "scam"), we actually had a very positive experience with it....we bought a camper on there last Spring! Love your blog and your pictures, as I'm a new Grandma and loving it too!

M/C said...

Love your blog and pics! I'm a new Grandma and totally loving it! We have also had some weird experiences with Craig's List (including a scam), but we had the most wonderful experience last year, as we bought a camper on it!

merirobin said...

love it! you are doing good on your "deal" finding!

Debra Perry said...

I haven't done much with Craig's List so don't have a comment there.I do love Baby B's pics with his new table. Gabe has one and loves it too:)

Debra Perry said...

Love the pics of Baby B and his table. Gabe has one and loves it too:)

Connie said...

I've had pretty good luck with Craig's List but have had some people not respond as well. Baby B is so stinking cute! My Mason loves his train table and trains too!