Friday, January 13, 2012

Pearl Event II

Do you know Sibi? 

She blogs at Pearls and Grace. Her story is one of forgiveness and grace and tenderness and sadness. 

It's about redemption and a dream come true.

Read Sibi's story here.

She is hosting an event in Nashville, TN in March called The Pearl Event II.

I. Am. Going.


I. Can't. Wait.

The speakers are fabulous!!!

Tell me if you read Sibi's blog. Or Paige. Or Edie.

There will be several other speakers as well.

Will you join us?????


The 5 Bickies said...

Love ALL of their blogs and was all signed up for one of Sibi's previous events in Greenwich. Sadly, a huge snow storm came and there was no way I could get there in all our snow. I had to cancel my hotel room, cancel my ticket, and cancel my lunch reservation with a blog friend. Such a huge disappointment. Don't think I can get to this one but would sure love to hear all about it from you!

Nonni said...

Amanda and I are going too!!! Can't wait to meet you! Love all these bloggers!

debi said...

I do read Edie ...How fun is that gonna be!!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

We are going!!!!

sharon said...

Would love to go!! Will take a look at my calendar!

Sibi said...

Thank you so much for sharing about this Nonny....means so much to me. And your kind words are like honey...thank you. I commented on the FB page but wanted to thank you again here. Just 52 more days! Can't wait to meet you and the rest of the ladies in real life!

p.s. Five bickies....I was so disappointed too and felt horrible about the snow storm too!! I would love the chance to meet you in real life...big hug. xoxo

teresa at Nonnie's Blessings said...

Oh, Nonny, I am going, too!

Maybe all the Nonnys, nonnies, and nonnis need to meet up!

I am bringing my two darling daughters as well. How fun!

teresa (nonniesblessings)

paige said...

can't wait to meet you!!! xoox

Sibi said...
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