Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Made New Again

A year or two ago, a friend gave us two old tricycles for the littles. They sat in storage until December. The girls were here and I decided to get hubs to pull them out. I did not take a before picture :(, but they looked something like this:

(This is NOT one of my trikes.)

Nonny got resourceful. I went to Lowe* to buy Rustol*um paint. While there I asked a clerk if he knew what I could do about the rust on the handlebars, etc. He told me to spray WD40 on the rusted areas and use very fine steel wool to scrub. So, I did. I didn't do all rusted parts like you would if you were completely restoring something very old, but I did the visible parts. Then, I spray painted the body of the trikes.

THIS is what they look like now:

Made New Again!
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Henley on the Horn said...

Nonny, you are some kind of resourceful! I love it!

DiJo said...

Thank you for your sweet message and for your prayers! They are a gift! What a blessing you must be to your precious grandchildren!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You did GREAT....

merirobin said...

The hood of my car needs some help...can I bring it over?

Teeter said...

These are actually....Better than anything new! Love them!

His Doorkeeper said...

Wow! You are a great restorer (Is that a word?) ! They look great!

Your parents and Hubs and I almost share the same anniversary! Congrats to them!

How's your grandson doing after his little surgery?

Nonny, Have a great day! Wish we could go shopping for the Grands together and do lunch! Wouldn't we have fun??