Wednesday, November 16, 2011


~I looked at artificial trees last night. UGH. I didn't see any I liked without paying a FORTUNE!
 I still plan to get one though.

~#2 grand is doing MUCH better! Thanks to those of you who have prayed and asked about her.

~The twins should be home soon. Just have to take ALL feeds by mouth in order to go home.

A race here to see who will finish their bottle first!! :)

(Side note: Mom gives them only her milk but they have to learn to drink it  by using a bottle first.)

~Baby B will be one year old in ten days. You don't get to be the baby very long in this family!

~Christmas shopping has begun. So fun to shop for the kiddos.
And, just so I don't leave a grand out.....


Danielle said...

I love how Mom is in street clothes and Dad looks like he's in a nightgown! I'm so happy your granddaughter is doing better. Prayers now for the wee ones to get to go home soon!

Puppy Dog Tales said...

Drink boys, drink!! Everybody wants to see you go home!!

Peach Recipes (Lois) said...

I was attracted to your blog by the title...Nonny!

I assumed that meant "Grandma" or "Nana"...and yes it obviously does!

Beautiful grandschildren.

I agree...I LOVE being a "Nana" in my case, more joys, and more responsibilities...more loved ones to pray for!

Congratulations on the twins...glad they are coming home soon.

Nice perpective blog.