Thursday, January 14, 2010


I wonder if the Haitian people know that Jesus loves them?

I want them to know.

I am so very grateful to the people who have dedicated their lives to making sure the people in Haiti KNOW they are loved.

Please pray for Haiti and her people.

We cannot even begin to imagine the hurt and heartbreak.

The complete devastation.

The hopelessness and helplessness.

WE know there is hope for them.

I pray they know it.

Pray for the Haitian people.



Leah Belle said...

i heard a missionary several years ago speak about how the people of haiti are in bondage to their superstition and witchcraft. i pray God will open their eyes to the truth of His Word. i pray missionaries will be given grace and the words to lead these people to HIM.

Henley on the Horn said...

I can't imagine. We are praying and sending what support we can through our church.

Jenny Lynn said...

I am praying.

One of my bridesmaids spent some time in Haiti for a mission trip. And, the College Life people are supposed to be going there in March. Haiti needs Jesus and I pray that the people there will see Him through missionaries! Especially in these difficult times.