Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Cream!!!

The weather men are calling for snow in N.C. for this weekend. 

Lots of snow!!!

So, on the radio this morning they were talking about snow cream.

Love it! Love it!

But....I did NOT know this:

Not everyone knows about snow cream!!


Is it a *southern* thing?

Help me out people.

Have YOU had snow cream or at least HEARD of it?

You know, fill a huge bowl with fresh snow.

Mix in milk, sugar and vanilla flavoring.



Come on. Tell me you've heard of it.

Tell me you've had it.

I must have my head in the sand snow!!!


Heather said...

I have not heard of this! But with being in Houston, I am afraid I won't get to try this anytime soon! :(

Leah Belle said...

oh yes! have made/eaten this many times in my life! in fact, we made it last xmas when we were in New Jersey with my sister! yummy!

nanny said...

Yes, yes, always a treat!!! Love it, just haven't made any in a long time! I'll be able to make a huge bowl if it keeps up like it is now!!! Huge flakes!

Elizabeth said...

never heard of snowcream? what? i love it, especially my dads. he makes the best. just remember, don't grab the yellow snow ;)

Windy said...

Oh, Yeah! Love, love, love it! In SC we don't get to have it much, but we do make snow cream at our house - I learned from my grandma:)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh yes, I've heard of it when I was a young child. I must admit our snow cream never so eleagantly served and did not appear as appetizing as your parafait looks. In fact, I could hardly remember back that far. Stay warm!

carolinagirl said...

I just had JC put a large tupperware bowl outside to collect the snow for cream tomorrow...if we can find the bowl on top of the patio table...ha! started snowing here at 5:15...are we really going to get that much snow? remember the winter of 2000? we had about 16 inches in graham. jc and i didn't even own a shovel then. we were stuck inside for three days! ha!

Barrett said...

Yes! I know all about snowcream. We put a little Half n Half or whipping cream in it too.

I heard this morning on the radio in Raleigh that you are not supposed to make snowcream with the season's first snowfall. Have you ever heard this before? It has something to do with the first snow having a lot of contaminates in it. Around hear, where we only get one snowfall every few years, that would be impossible!

Have fun!!

Megan said...

I think my brother and I lived off of snow cream for a few days growing up each winter! In fact, I remember as soon as school was canceled for the next day, our neighbors would come over and my Mom would make snow cream for all of us! ahh, childhood!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I made snowcream as a child and then passed on the tradition to my girls. Snowcream is delicious!!! Love & blessings from NC!

wendi said...

My husband grew up in Cleveland, a place that has snow on the ground the entire winter and he has never heard of it, how sad!!!

Jenny Lynn said...

Umm.... I WILL be having some today!
Can NOT wait!

smcvicker said...

Love me some snow cream! Have two bowls of snow in the freezer ready to be mixed!

Tonja said...

The only time I have ever eaten 'snow cream' was in NC. When I was a little girl, I was there one time when it snowed. My aunt of my Granny went and got some and made it for my sister and I. You know, I don't even think that I have ever heard anyone mention it again. But, several months ago, I noticed Snow Cream in with the ice cream in the grocery store! Bet it doesn't taste as good!

Connie said...

I have not heard of this but then again I've always lived in warmer climates...sounds yummy though.

Lori said...

I never heard of it till reading Kellys blog AND I've lived in Erie, PA and SW Ohio and Indiana all my life, that's so funny you know about snow cream in the south. This weekend we're due for about 3" so I'm going to try the snow cream. I can't wait.