Wednesday, July 01, 2009

BedHead!!! 20 months old

I LOVE this little video because you can see her spunk and hear her sweet sweet voice. I'm so glad I have this. I don't want to ever forget how precious this voice is. (For those of you who always comment on the fact that she ALWAYS has a bow in her hair....this is WHY!! She can't see without it.) I had just gone in to get her from her nap. They are living in a corporate apartment while they find a new home. This crib is not as *deep* as hers and it looks like she may figure out how to get out before long. HEAVEN FORBID!!!


Jenny Lynn said...


i miss her!!!

The 5 Bickies said...

Oh she is gorgeous! I always loved getting my children after naps. They were recharged and ready to go.

What a are lucky to have each other. I hope their househunt and quick!

Teeter said...

She's adorable...bow or not!

love love love her little bracelet!

Gram said...

I love the recordings I have of my son when he was little and have started making them of my grandson. She is too precious for words. You must be so happy she is closer.

Connie said...

Oh she is a sweet one! Love the voice. No wonder you are so in love! She wears the bows so well too! Connie

Todd and Courtney said...

Thank you for the sweet note about calming my little one with "The wheels on the bus." That song is the only one that will work for her during melt downs! Beautiful blog, beautiful children, and a precious little granddaughter that you have. I love your blog!

Runner Mom said...

Hey! I found those readers for the beach--wonderful! They have them at Lazy Gator in Murrell's Inlet--for 7.00!!! Call them!! They'll ship!!


Justabeachkat said...

She's adorable...with or without the bow.