Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Twins. China Baby. Chimpanzees.

So, I was a dreamer growing up. Not so much now. I had deep desires and occasionally would question God about His answers.....or lack thereof. 

One of my deepest desires was to have twins. Multiple births have always fascinated me. When I was pregnant with my daughter, one of my dear, dear friends (hello Lesa Elder) was pregnant too....with twins! I was so happy for her! But, deep down the longing was still there. My daughter was born and she was all I ever wanted in a baby girl! I never had twins. God had a bigger and better plan. Far greater than I could have ever dared to dream! Fast forward many years to these two sets of twin grands:

I also dreamed of adopting from China. I had all three of my children by age 24. (I know, right?!) After about ten years, when I was only 34, I really longed for that baby in China. For many reasons, God shut that door! But now it's wide open because Grand #10 is over there somewhere just waiting for them to come get her/him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Now, let's pray my childhood desire for a dressed-up Chimpanzee never becomes a reality!


Sue said...

So funny the things we hoped for once upon a time. I have the twin daughters, and one of them adopted our youngest grandchild from China. We have a lot in common 😀 Our little Claire is a huge blessing to our family. I can't imagine life without her. Best wishes to your son and wife as they travel this path. It is long but oh so worth it.

Lisa Odom said...

I wanted a chimpanze too! I was so obsessed with them. I collected chimpanzees in high school - stuffed animals, figurines and so on. (I was so weird!) I cannot wait to see your new little one from China. How blessed you are!