Monday, August 14, 2017

Never Say Never

Maybe blogging is old school and a thing of the past. 
But, I am too. 
So, my hopes of sharing here again may be a reality soon. 
Never say never.

We remodeled (to say the least) the home next door and moved in last Thanksgiving (2016). 
I never thought I would move again. 
Never say never.

The grands are growing like crazy.
 It's been three years since we've had a new baby.
 But, number TEN should be arriving from China soon! 
Never say never.

Back on the blogging train soon.
Anyone still reading?
Never. Say. Never.


Alice said...

LOVE that you're back! I'm a long-time lurker, never a commenter, a 7-time Mom and a 5-time Grandmother. So looking forward to catching up with your life.

Nancy Irving said...

I am still reading, you have been missed. Welcome back😘

Sue said...

I check in on my blogs once a week or so and was happy to see a post I haven't blogged in 3 years - YIKES! I know you can't share about your number 10 until they have them home, but have they been matched with their child yet? Our youngest is from China - she's been home over 4 years now and completes our family perfectly. ❤️ Can't wait to meet your newest!

Lisa Odom said...

You know I am here! I just got back on the train too! Great minds think a like?