Monday, April 11, 2016

TWINSX2 Turn T H R E E Today!

The TWINSX2 (second set of twin grands) turn



If you have any questions about dreams coming true,
Take a look at this boy..........

.......and this girl!

TWICE BLESSED with these two!

Three things I love about HJ:

  1. She is one SPUNKY little girl!
  2. She takes care of her *Sally* like nobody's business!
  3. She likes to eat salad with me.

Three things I love about B:

  1. He drives a *Power Wheels* like he's 16!
  2. He is the most loving little boy ever!
  3. He loves my *Nonny Gum.*

Happy Birthday to you two!
I hope you know one day how much we adore you!
Nonny loves you B I G !


sharon said...

A double blessing for sure. Our twin are a boy and girls too and turned 4. Love watching them grow!

Becky Smith said...

Your lives are full of such beautiful blessings. Love to see the pictures of those darling grand babies.