Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Good Grief!

How is it April and I haven't blogged? I know it's not the TRENDY thing to do these days, but, I have my blog printed out every year instead of printing out photos! So, I love to document things here! 

In January we celebrated my parents anniversary!

In March, Baby W was dedicated to Jesus. 
There is no baby boy sweeter than this one! 
What a precious baby #9 is!

Poppy had a birthday in February!
A shout out to him...........
He started WHOLE 30 last fall and has lost close to 50 pounds!!!!

I had a birthday in March...the BIG one is next year!
Hubs treated me to dinner at CHEF AND THE FARMER!
It never disappoints....and I even got to talk with Chef Vivian!

Our #2 grand had her art displayed in The Mint Museum.
Quite an honor for this baby girl!

Also in March we bought a *fixer upper* because we want to be

Here is the BEFORE and the inspiration photo for the AFTER!
Wish us luck!

Easter came early this year.
Can you say cold and rain?
Repeat after me: Cold. Rain.
I host my family every Easter. 
There were 33 of us...16 of those were children.
Nuff said.

In my next post I will share some photos we had taken of our family!
Until then...........

Nonny loves you BIG!

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Lisa Odom said...

Wow you are busy! Hubby looks great! Congrats to him because that is a hard job! I want to be Joanna, but in my own house. I just need my Chip to get with the program!