Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nonny Tips/Shaving Cream

I don't know WHY, but the kids LOVE to play with shaving cream!! I think it's because it's something normally banned to mommy and daddy's bathroom! :) It's surprisingly very easy to clean up and leaves the surface you play on clean and smelling great! With the little ones, I just squirt a little on the table....sometimes in the shape of a smile and sometimes their names written out. The older ones can squirt it themselves! Shaving cream is also great outside in the summer. They can squirt themselves, or each other, and you can hose them down afterwards for an easy clean up! I just buy the cheap, foam cream. (Make sure you don't buy menthol. If it gets in their eyes, the menthol burns.)

I usually put plastic aprons on them (These came from Ikea).
Part of the fun for them is helping clean up! They love to wipe up the mess they made with wet paper towels! No worry about the clean's almost like cleaning without knowing it!

Just another NONNY TIP!

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Sue said...

Mine love it too. I'm so glad you can buy big cans at the dollar tree ~ a lot of fun for a little$.
Great idea to do Nonny tips!