Saturday, January 03, 2015


2015 is upon us! 

I don't usually make a lot of resolutions. But this year I do have some goals. Short term goals are a little easier for me to manage. So, I think I'll take one month at a time. (And add a sprinkle of grandbaby cuteness along the way!)


~I want to read more.
I love to read! I use to enjoy reading a lot. Especially books that were a *series.* I would barely finish one and dive into the next. Along came Blogs and Facebook and Instagram and GRANDCHILDREN :)... and reading got put on the back burner. I miss it. My goal is to read three books in January. 
~I want to reconnect.
Because of things like social media, I have reconnected with people I don't have a day to day relationship with. I want to take the time to meet them for lunch, or send them a small gift, or at the very least, talk to them on the phone. 

~I want to CLEAN OUT MY ATTIC. I have said for YEARS I was going to do this….and I DID do a few things. BUT, it is my goal in January to get it completely clean. Here's to my toughest goal!! CHEERS!

Side note:

All 15 cousins on Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad's house. She buys them all matching pajamas. It's a wild, chaotic, wonderful night. None of them are perfect but they are all loved. THIS is Christmas!

Happy New Year!
Let's do this January!

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debi said...

Just love the photos of your grands...It still amazes me, 15! How blessed you are.

Wishing you luck in your new years goals, all we can do is try....

Happy New Year!