Thursday, May 23, 2013

Enough Said

I started, and finished, the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

It was truly a challenge.

But, I did it.

Listen to me people, 

250 squats is a challenge.

Enough said!

Do you read NieNie's blog?

I just read her book:

*Heaven Is Here*

It was good!

However, I started reading it on my flight to Nashville last week.

That was NOT good.

It's about a plane crash.

Enough said!

Speaking of the plane ride to Nashville:


It was everything I wanted it to be.

The speakers were amazing.....

Women who trusted God to give them the courage to share their stories.

God showed up.

And blessed our socks off.

And there were pearls 

AND Peonies.

Enough Said!

Remember when I told you about baking the four ingredient bread?

My mom was excited to make it....


I gave her one of the enamel pots for Mother's Day.

She made the bread.

It did not rise.

She made it again.

Same thing.

She bought new flour, and yeast, and bottled water.


Then, she went to a different store and bought different yeast.

She sent me this picture:

Enough Said!

I have lots more to share and some REALLY exciting news.

But, for now, 

Enough Said!


His Doorkeeper said...

Nonny, YOU are THE woman! Do you do those squats all at the same time? OH MY!

I have read NIenie's blog off and on through the years. Some story, huh? But probably not the best to read while flying!

Love your post!
The other Nonny

RachelRAdams said...

Nonny ~ It was such a pleasure to meet you! So so so excited you were at the pearl event!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have read Nienie from the start......She is wonderful......and I think I might do the squat challenge....

Have not missed ONE day juicing in 19 weeks......most disciplined I have been EVER

Unknown said...

I;m so glad you came, Nonny! I'm even more glad I got to meet you and hug you! You're a gem! xoxo

Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

Wow, so impressed by the squat challenge you finished! Have a great holiday weekend!