Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Have Learned From My Grandchildren

Before I had grands, I thought I would teach them everything.

What I have learned is how much THEY have taught ME!

I have been amazed.

My oldest grand is five.
When she was born I learned to love in a whole new way.
 She made my heart beat different and taught me to slow down. 
I have learned how Jesus loves through her.
She loves me unconditionally and forgives without hesitation.

Grand # 2 is three.
This girl taught me there is room in my heart for lots of grands.
You wonder if you can ever love another grand like the first....
Until you have the second.
She teaches me to love the strong willed and the spunky.
And she has taught me that leaving the lights on at night is not a big deal! :)

Grand # 3 is two.
He taught me how to love a grandson.
He is amazing!
This boy teaches me to *be on my toes* with his intelligence.
He teaches me to appreciate his love for television......
because that means I have to sit still.
And he shows me what it means to appreciate humor!

Grand # 4 is 17 months.
He taught me how to pray for a preemie.
And how to TRULY trust God for a miracle!
He teaches me how it feels to be completely carefree
And what it means to love two babies at one time!

Grand # 5 is 17 months.
He taught me how to pray for a preemie on CPAP.
And how to truly trust God for a miracle.
He teaches me what it's like to have to share when you don't want to
And what it means to love two babies at one time.

Grands #s 6 and 7
These babies have already taught me how miracles happen
And how you REALLY CAN wait to find out what they are....
Even though that STINKS! :)
I can't WAIT to learn from them!

I have a lot of room to learn more 
And I am so thankful for each day with the seven of them!

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