Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Monday Randomness

Well, hello Monday!

Good to see you again...I think.

It's rainy and COLD for March here in NC!

Where is spring?????

My favorite SIL has a birthday this week! 

His birthday always marks spring coming for me.

I love both of them!!

They both remind me of the goodness that awaits us 
and the warmth that life brings.
 They both are encouraging and bring joy to lots of people.

Welcome Spring and Happy Birthday Big Al!

The TWINSx2 are still hanging out in mommy's tummy!
If nothing happens we expect two babies the second week in April!
Big brother, Baby B, has been sick with a virus and will hopefully stay well now that it is almost baby time!

The *big boy twins* are growing like weeds.

They are 16 months and FULL of energy!

May SPRING slap you in the face this week!!



Jennifer said...

Precious pictures! Yeah for growing twins - both sets. Love the family picture of your daughter's family. Beautiful. I was in Raleigh over the weekend - so warm on Saturday but chilly on Sunday. I am ready for spring too.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Special, Special pictures,.......Can you believe its almost Easter.....

Just a little something from Judy said...

Beautiful pictures of your family! So happy for you and the two sets of twins you are about to be grandparents too. What a special gift.

I especially like the one of the twins in the car cart. What fun that we both had that privilege. Such a cute picture!