Thursday, December 13, 2012


December is here.

Comes every year about this time.:)

Along with it comes all kinds of things.

My dad has a birthday on the 7th.

This year was a BIG one for him.

So thankful to have both my parents.

My DIL took our family picture for our Christmas card. I will link the card when it's time for the Christmas Card Carousel....but, here is a sample of the pics.

It's no small feat to get everyone together looking at the camera...and next year there will be two more. :) They know how much it means to me to get a picture every year, so they put up with me. Thank you kids!

My gifts are bought and wrapped. I hope to spend the next two weeks baking and blessing others. I want to pass on the joy of Christmas and share the love of Jesus.

Merry December! 


Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by Angela. Your picture of the family is great! It is no small thing to get that many that's for sure. Isn't your cup running over?
Have a blessed December!
Merry Christmas

The 5 Bickies said...

I love your picture of the family and am already looking forward to 2 more little ones in next year's card.

Enjoy the Christmas festivities and thanks for the reminder to "enjoy" the next 2 weeks :)

merirobin said...

December is here and this time last year I was at your house! Sorry I am not there again this year. The pic is great!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photo!

Jennifer said...

I am impressed with that picture! Beautiful!

Becky Smith said...

Yes, I agree it is a challenge to get people together for a big photo; you did a great job getting it organized and it turned out beautifully! As you said, just think of the fun you will have next year corralling two extra precious little ones. :-) A joyous riot!