Saturday, May 05, 2012

Friday Night

Nonny and Poppy kept the twins Friday night for our youngest son and his wife to go on a date.

A blurry picture of daddy telling his twins goodbye.

The boys having a little play time.

" Hey, I want THAT toy!"

Nonny is Funny!

I was telling them what their mommy just did!

Listen baby boys:

"When I walked in the door, mommy was drying her hair. She was all ready for her date and daddy was literally standing in the den waiting on her to walk out the door. She came into the den with her duster and in 30 seconds, ran around like a mad woman dusting every piece of furniture in the room. We laughed at her but she said she thought Nonny would do it if she didn't.
 I don't know why she thought that. Do you boys?"

Oh, hey boys:
"Do you see the pile of laundry she left for us? Including crib sheets to be put on???????????? 
I don't know WHY she was so worried I would dust........."


 Nonny sure does love your mommy!


Teeter said...

This whole post makes me happy....except for the Wake Forest sign....i sure miss that sign...and it's owner! :)

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Hi! Here from Kelly's Korner! I am a fellow North Carolina mom. Your little one is super adorable!!!! So glad you linked up!

carolinagirl said...

those guys are so cute!!!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Those twins are so adorable. I know you had fun keeping them.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Way over here in my part of the world, we were keeping our twin grandsons also on Friday evening. I smiled about the part of the dusting. I have seen that part too. What an interesting role we now play in life. Your little guys are so cute!

Sue said...

Seeing those 2 little guys interacting sure brings back memories. They are adorable and I know you are loving every minute.

Jenny Lynn said...

Haha - it was like two inches thick! I had to do it because it was even grossing ME out! I knew if it grossed me out, it HAD to be bad!

Thank you for loving the twins so much. They are blessed and so are we!