Saturday, May 05, 2012

Meet My Family

If you are new here....Welcome.

Let me introduce my family.

This is hubs. We have been married most of our lives....37 years!

We had our oldest son, B, in November of 1977.
B, married K in October, 2007.
They had Baby B (our first grandson in 2010).
Our middle child is our daughter, G.
G was born in May of 1980.
She married Big A in November, 2006.
They had our first granddaughter, EC, in 2007.
Then, they had our second granddaughter, A, in 2009.
The baby of the family, J, was born in September, 1981.
He married J, in June, 2008.
They had our twin grandsons, C and T in October, 2011.

My parents:

My baby sister, and her family:

My brother:
All of us (minus brother) at Easter...2012.

My oldest sister passed away in October, 2004 at age 49.
This is the last picture we have of her...just a fw weeks before she died.

Her two girls are like daughters to me.
Here is her oldest daughter, J, with her sweet family:

And my sister's youngest daughter,J and her husband:
(They are expecting Baby #1 in June, 2012)

That's my immediate family...though there are lots more members that I dearly love!

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