Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Idol

Yeh, I got hooked again this year after taking a year off from watching it! 

If you don't watch it, they are down to the final three contestants!

Lauren, Haley and Scotty.

I live in North Carolina where Scotty is, I am true to the hometown boy! 

When there are only three remaining contestants, they get to go to their home town for a  taping of the show. Yesterday was Scotty's day in his home town of Garner, NC. He was singing a Josh Turner song and was surprised with a visit from Josh. Watch the video below.

Oh, did I mention Scotty loves Jesus? Watch the video to the very end.....he's the REAL DEAL.


mc said...

the least you can do is spell Haley's name correct. Thats Haley Reinhart the next American Idol. So long Scotty.................

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

He has been my favorite from day 1......loved the video

Justabeachkat said...

He is amazing! Great video. Love that he gives God the glory.



Oh, my goodness! That was truly awesome! So proud of our NC boy!! Praying he will go far and share the Good News of Jesus Christ too!


Kingston Korners said...

mc reminds me of Haley. A disrespectful brat. :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Ha! Ha! Kingston Korners, MC is my husband and it was a joke. Sorry, I should have said something after I published his comment. We watch the show together and have a friendly rivalry going on. Thanks for the support though...I can't wait to show him what you said!! Love it!!:)

Anonymous said...

Please vote for Scotty this week.
America needs performers that give credit to the One that has given them their talent.
What an example to our young people.
(And by the way, he is by far thew BEST!!)

Tonja said...

Haley would be a disgrace to represent all the rest who have worked so hard. James was terrific and so is Scotty. Hope he pulls it off. The other girl is pretty good, too...but she is just so young!
Thanks for sharing the video!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Adelaide and I screamed so loud when Scotty won, that I bet you heard us at your house. LOL!! We were so excited! He is amazing and I am so thrilled that he gives God all the glory. Love & blessings from NC!